Little Town, Big Angels

(Hanover, PA)

I am 18 and live in a small town with a big heart. This town has gone through so much, and between school rivalries, we are each others backbones. Almost 3 years ago, I lost someone in a tragic car accident. It hit me like a ton of brick; I’m still going through grief. For two reasons.. one, he was a very good friend of mine.. second, in the town I am from we have lost the lives of over 15 high school/newly graduated teenagers. Death and grieving is constantly around me, reminding me of that terrible September 7th morning. This past December, I was on my way to practice and my normal route was blocked off with tons of policemen and firefighters. I quickly checked on Facebook, all I could find out was 5 teenagers were dead. Police were not giving names, I went a different route to practice, and when I got there I received a text message of the 5 names.. Two I knew, I became flooded with memories from the very first time I had ever met those two, and again the memory of my friend I a couple of years before… On my way to practice and work, I pass the crash site. I cannot hold back tears any longer. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without sitting down and thinking about the friends I lost. I just want to be able to be happy with the memories I have with them, and not constantly be brought to tears. I want to terrible luck of my town to turn around, and not have to attend so very many candle lightings, viewing, funerals, and memorials. At 18 I should be enjoying all my friends, not morning for them.

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