Dear Mum,

Your slippers and shoes are still here beside the bed
You always told me they would never wear out as you could not walk.

Your DVD's are redundant now
I tried watching your favourite `Philadelphia'
But broke down in tears

I went through past birthday cards
The messages you penned
So full of love and inspiration

Your stairlift is still
Remember when it use to break down ?
You blamed your size and pledged that diet that never happened.

Your hearing aids, glasses and dentures are here
Remember how you always worried about them breaking
Now you no longer need them

Your kisses and cuddles bound me with reassurance
Your smile lit up a dismal world

You told me to remember our beautiful friendship
And not to `spoil things'

Trying to keep going for a very special mum.
Is a torture I daily endure.

Your loving daughter XXX


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Aug 05, 2012
One devastated daughter to another
by: Anonymous

I just want you to know that you are not alone. My mum died on 26 May and i understand the pain that comes from looking at her things but being unable to remove them. The pain wont go but soon there will be bearable days when you function better. Keep talking to her, write her a letter, and stay in touch with this site because it really helps to feel less alone.
My love and prayers are with you.
Kerry x

Aug 05, 2012
Living without your love is impossible.
by: Doreen U.k..

Dear Devastated daughter. I am sorry for your loss of your Mum. It is hard for us when we see all the possessions and belongings of our loved ones still sitting in their places. It leave us broken. We wonder how we will go on in life without our loved one's being with us.
My husband died 12 weeks ago and his coat and jacket is still sitting in the hall and it is so very painfull to see this. So is his cowboy boots still sitting by the front door. I need to be brave and get this put away.
I have put all Steve's clothes in black bags ready for going, but I am not brave enough to part with these now.
You are not ALONE with your grief. We are all going through the same pain and emotions. Don't know how long this will last. I can't bear it. I wish that grief did not hurt so much. I hope the days ahead will be easier for all of us.

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