longest and shortest 6 weeks of my life

by Rachel
(New York, NY)

I lost my mother 6 weeks ago to brain cancer.before that she was in hospice care for a little over 2 months. To watch my once feisty, strong, vibrant mother slowly succumb to this awful disease was a difficult thing. she lost her ability to walk, then speak, and finally to move much at all. Believing that time will heal the pain I feel right now it's a difficult thing for me to do. I just hope we did the right thing by her while we took Care of her. I hope the way she passed was at least some comfort in her final moments. Surrounded by my father myself and my brother, as well as her sisters and sisters in law. We even had the Beatles playing on the radio. I can never imagine a day where I will not miss her think of her, or still speak to her. I can only hope to live my life the way she would want me to and experience things That she was never able. I love you mom. I thank you mom. I will miss you all the days of my life.

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Dec 31, 2012
I Understand
by: Anonymous

Hi Rachel,

I lost my mom to brain cancer just before Christmas 2012. She too was feisty and full of energy and life. Seeing her one side go numb, then lose the ability to move around with her good side, and then losing her ability to walk and then become bedridden was horrible. It didn't take very long. 8 weeks from being "normal" until her passing. I changed my mother's diapers. I moisturized her skin and brushed her hair as she laid in bed unable to talk. I held a straw to her lips so she could drink, before she could no longer form her lips. I never imagined doing such things. I felt peaceful when she passed, because she was in a better place now because there was no turning back from this horrible disease. It's been two weeks and I'm in disbelief of how fast it took her to go from seemingly healthy to no longer here. Those were the longest, yet fastet 8 weeks of my life! Prayers to you and your family, Rachel.

Oct 05, 2012
longest and shortest 6 weeks of my life
by: Doreen U.K.

Rachel we will always feel we left something undone for our loved ones. We see this as unfinished business. We will be concerned about how they passed from this world and did they suffer in some way, or did they pass away in the right way. This is normal and part of grief. We are never quite prepared to lose our mom or anyone we love from our family. The hardest part is living without them on a daily basis. You may find yourself saying. "Oh let me ask mom what she thinks". then the reality will kick in. She is not here. I find myself doing this a lot. Time is a healer but it will take a lot of time for any of us to move forward. don't rush grief. It has its own way of working itself out so we can heal from our loss.
I wish you Comfort and Peace from your grief and sorrow.

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