Loosing a sister

by Inday

August 5, 2013 my youngest sister (48 yrs old & single) was shot three times by her off and on partner insider her home. After shooting my sister he killed himself too. Why? Our whole family will never know the answers because the truth is buried with her. I'm heartbroken because our family is all over the place Asia, Asia-Pacific and North America. I find it hard to even take my first step to healing let alone accepting that she was murdered by someone I know and grew up with. I am more concerned about my 80 year old father's grief than my own. I promised myself to be in touch with my other siblings as part of my growing through grief. I lost a very good and kind hearted sister. There is no justice to her death and I will live with it for the rest of my life.

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Jan 15, 2014
by: Esther, Rosie, Ann, Johnny, And Larry

🎉Happy birthday with all our love!!!!! Missing you every day.

Nov 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

I to lost a sister and i never imagined anything like that happing and i am so so sorry

Sep 12, 2013
Losing a sister
by: Doreen U.K.

Inday I am sorry for your loss of your sister to a senseless tragedy of murder. You may benefit from a few sessions with a grief counsellor in order to take care of your own need to grieve whilst at the same time supporting your elderly father with his grief.
It will be especially hard due to this type of loss. The type of death affects the grief. You may be in shock for some time with disbelief due to knowing and growing up with the perpetrator of this murder of your sister. There will be a lot of questions and no answers because it was a quick spur of the moment senseless act. You cannot find any reasoning where a person has acted in an unreasonable manner. You can't try to make sense of this even if you go over it in you mind. Counselling can help here. Often anger in the spur of the moment turns into rage and rage ends up killing. Many people don't plan to kill but hurt and pain not under control spills over and causes a death from the most unlikely person who you may not have thought would commit such a crime against another person who they loved. Love turned to hate and hate turned to murder. Many people have backgrounds of hurt and pain and if this is not resolved any event in their present life can act as a trigger and spills over into what happened to your sister. Rage Kills. Anger Kills. I hope anyone who has anger issues does something about this before it can get out of hand but not meant to. It then becomes too late and families are broken forever. Try and get together with your siblings and support one another in order to move forward from this terrible tragedy. Even if it is by phone or email. Talk and get your feelings and hurt out of your system. Only then can healing take place. But life will never be the same again due to this type of death. I wish you comfort and Peace in your grief.

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