Loosing my dad to colon cancer

by Kim
(Hendersonville, NC)

My dad was 60 yrs. old when he was diagnosed with stage3 colon cancer. He did chemotherapy after colon surgery in early 2011. He did about 6 weeks of chemotherapy and stopped because the chemotherapy was just too hard on him. He lived alone and made it that much more difficult to go to his appointments and struggled with nausea. However, he did finish all the therapy but missed the last chemo. session. The chemotherapy actually brought him down to a stage1. He did fine for the first year but soon began to show swollen lymph nodes, and pain in his liver region. He began to have extreme pain in his liver region and went to the emergency room in May 2013. He soon discovered from a CT that the cancer had spread and was not operable. He went back to his oncologist and began another course of chemotherapy, which he started in July 2013 and ended late Oct. 2013. I watched my dad take lots of medication from pills to patches, but the pain kept coming back stronger. He became weak, dizzy, shaky, itchy, sick and detested food. He soon couldn't drive and didn't want to talk on the phone. He never could get a hold of his pain and soon the oncologist said lets go to hospice and maybe they can help with your pain. He went into hospice on Monday night and died the next Wednesday morning. The mass on his liver was growing and causing him extreme pain. I thank God everyday for giving me 6 wonderful days and nights at hospice with my dad. I miss him dearly and I'm glad my sisters and I were there for him and all the family got to see him before he died. His funeral was paid for that summer so we didn't have to worry about that. Everything fell into place but I miss him so much. He had his 62nd birthday that Tuesday at hospice the week before he died. Dad died at 62 years old from colon cancer and mets. to his liver on November 20th, 2013. Love you dad!

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Dec 06, 2013
A loving care..
by: Edna

Doreen is right, cancer is very quick to steal lives...too quick that sometimes we don't realize that each passing day would mean another day has gone for our suffering loved ones...when my husband was sick, i did'nt want night time to come..it is indeed heartbreaking to see your beloved slowly passing but yes we can only do our best to look after them with all our love and care...i was at my husband's side since day one in his battle with cancer, yet when he passed away, i still feel guilt until now while i grieve, i wish i could have done more for him, they said it's called guilt grief and a normal feeling...it is absolutely hard to deal with a loss of the one we love so much but it is a one way path that we all should take...we will miss their physical presence as long as we live...
I'm sending comforting hugs xxx

Dec 06, 2013
Loosing my dad to colon cancer
by: Doreen UK

Kim I am sorry for your loss of your dad to colon cancer. Cancer is such a dreadful disease it affects the whole family. I lost my husband to lung cancer 19 months ago and it was a horrendous cancer journey slowly watching the one you love lose weight and slowly die in pain, all the time seeing how sad he was. My husband has so much chemo, and Radiotherapy, and then he was in severe pain. The doctors wanted to put him in hospice to control the pain but my husband fought to die at home, so I gave him this wish. I nursed him till he died 3yrs.39days with this inoperable, incurable, cancer. He developed pneumonia, shingles in the eye, blood clots, daily injections for this and a host of other problems. But what I wouldn't give to have one more day with him. WE can only do our best with what is before us. Caring is such a painful duty but worth the care of our loved ones till the end. I am sorry for your loss as we all grieve together.

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