Loosing our Son Jerry (Jezza)

by Mary
(Perth WA Australia)

We lost our son Jerry aged 33 years, a beautiful son happy then started using drugs in his late teens, turned to alcohol later after bad relationships breakdowns , trouble with the police, mainly drinking etc, we tried everything, everytime he hit rock bottom we were their for him and picked the pieces, tried self harm twice, still grieving we lost him on his 33rd birthday to self harm we will never ever know the reason he was happy and doing so well with his medication and treatment, no parent should ever have to see their son in a morgue or loose a child before them, we will never ever be the same, we love him and miss him so much

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Oct 31, 2012
Losing our Son Jerry (Jezza)
by: Doreen U.K.

Mary I am sorry for your families loss of your son Jerry to yet another drug problem. We live in a drug culture that is claiming the lives of our children.
Look at all the celebrities who have lost their lives to drugs. Families fractured and destroyed by the loss of a child/Adult child.
It is just when things are picking up and loved ones are stable then things turn into a downward spiral killing whatever HOPE you all were clinging to.
My nephew lives in Queensland and he is in REHAB now trying to come off of addiction to prescription medication. My sister has to cope with this. It is such a worry trying to get on top of this and hope that it doesn't all go wrong. Families always living on a knife edge. Stressfull and tense. Filled with FEAR about losing a loved one.
My other nephew in England was on anti-depressants that cause suicidal feelings. He was not monitored due to the funding cut backs and so 5 years ago he threw himself in front of an express train. Our Grief is still very painfull.
I lost my beloved husband of 44yrs. to cancer 6 months ago and so my struggle with grief is ongoing. Life is never the same. You could benefit from grief counselling to help take the edge off the pain of grief. My sister was mad with grief and needed a grief counsellor to come to her home and give her the support she needed. If she did not reach out for this she would not have recovered so much. She is holding her own, but she still has the scars.
I hope you have supportive family and friends at this time as it does make a big difference to this grief journey.

Oct 31, 2012
my heart hurts for you
by: malgosia

I am so sorry for you loosing your son Jerry, I know how this hurts, and is not getting better. I lost my 30 years old son Mike 4 months yesterday. Is not suppose to be like that, the plan for live is to see your kids grow up, dance on their weddings, babysitting grandchildren, get old and die in peace, knowing your kids are healthy and happy. My plans change, I pick the casket for my baby, I watch his friends saying goodbyes , .. Four months later no one is wisiting his Facebook. Life went on like nothing happen. And there is me, his mother, full of guilt and pain, putting one leg in front of other with big difficulty every morning and wondering , how it is possible I am still alive and why.
My heart is with you, and my prayers with Jerry. My God give us will to live till he decided , is time to reunite us with our children.

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