Losing 2 grandparents in the space of 8months

In march my grandfather passed away after being unable to recover from a heart attack the year before. That heart attack changed him. He used to be so active and healthy for his age. But as soon as he suffered a heart attack he became weak and lost all hope of recovering. Soon after he gave up and stopped eating, his organs started failing and he passed away. Dealing with that had such a bg impact on my life. He lived with us for 20years. And I feel so guilty for not spending enough time with him. Well anyway half a year passes by and I still think about him everyday. And then a few days ago I hear that my Nan is in hospital. This is common for her as she always goes into hospital but she always recovers. But this time I find out she's about to die. And then the following day she passes away. I'm still processing what has just happened. I've never felt so guilty for not spending enough time with them. I feel so down and I miss them so much. I grew up thinking they would be in my life forever

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Mar 09, 2013
I lost both of my granparents within 4 days
by: Anonymous

I have just lost both of my grandparenuts within the space of four days. Pa suddenly became sick and died within two weeks and my grandma had dementia and seemed to understand that pa had died and i think she decided that she couldnt live without him. Been a very hard time but the only consolation is that theyre together forever now and thats what they both would have wanted.

Feb 20, 2013
I Know how you feel
by: Anonymous

I have just lost both of my grandparents in the space of two weeks also so I can understand how you are feeling completely as i loved them so so so much. Please reply and we can try and support eachother through this terrible time x

Dec 15, 2012
Your not alone
by: Anonymous

I lost my Grandad in the summer of this year after he developed Parkinsons disease and just seemed to give up. Today I was told my grandma has been admitted to a hospice with terminal cancer and is unlikely to make it through until Christmas. I am Honestly at a loss. I just don't understand why the world is so cruel.

Nov 07, 2012
Losing 2 grandparents in the space of 8 months
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of 2 grandparents. We all feel the same way. That we will have each other around forever. We go on day by day just living and this is what we are supposed to do. It is when illness strikes, that our worlds fall apart with the fragility of the situation before us. Who says we are supposed to think of DEATH whilst we are LIVING. It would take the joy out of life. None of us want to face our mortality. None of us knows of the pain that we are left with when we lose someone close from our lives.
I know that you said your grandfather lived with you for 20yrs. Focus on this and all the time you did spent with your grandparents. It is a strong part of grief that we feel that we didn't do enough or we didn't spend enough time with the ones we love.
Life happens and often too busy for our liking and we just caught up in the busyness of life taking care of what we have to do. We can't WIN no matter what we do. If a mother goes out to work, she feels guilty she is letting her children down by not being available 24/7. If a wife stays at home to look after the children she feels guilty that she is not bringing money in to help in the household. Truck drivers have a job to do and don't get to spend quality time with their families and the children suffer the wound of an absent father.
And so it goes on and on. Many people are fractured by what we have to do on a daily basis. Some are fortunate they have it a little easier.
I guess if you meditated on those years you would find out that you actually spent a lot of time with your grandparents.
I lost my husband to cancer 6 months ago and we were married 44yrs. My husband spent a great deal of his life working around our country and overseas as an exhibition carpenter. We spent little time together due to work demands. I stayed at home to bring up our 3 children. I do have regrets. Not going out to work to support my husband who had to do it all. My husband has to live with the regret of not being available more as a father as he was busy putting a roof over our heads and food on the table. We thought we would have the retirement years now. But too late. My husband died before he could enjoy his retirement. I have to go through the remaining years alone.
Life will always have REGRETS. Things we wish we had done differently. We have to let go of our REGRETS. And be proud of our achievements. Write these in concrete so they will be remembered forever.

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