Losing a sister at a young age

by Kaitlin

My little sister Alli died of Diabetes when she was only 11 years old. She was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 2 years old. I was only 5 at the time so i didn't really understand what that meant. As we grew up our family always kept a good look out for my sister and made sire she was taking the right amount of insulin when needed and always made sure she was eating the right amounts of food. Up until around February of 2010 my sister got sick over the weekend. We figured it was just the flu. But then Monday came and Alli went unconscious. Luckily my mom was home with her that day. My mom then rushed her to the hospital where they then transported her to an Aurora hospital. After being there for a few days they said she had went into diabetic coma. A few days passed, and they said she had gotten pnemonia. This was not good. They then transported her to Childrens ThedaCare here she stayed for a little less than a month. At this time i was only 14 and Alli was 11. The doctors had told us we had 2 options. We could keep her on the oxygen tube or take her off and let her slowly die by herself. At this point the doctors had already told us she was brain dead. So we thought, why have our family suffer and let her shrivel up like a vegetable? So the best options was to let her go. This was very hard for us. Especially me. Me and Alli where very close. We had that tight sister bond where you would be able to fight and then make up. I really loved y sister, and when i was told we had to let her go, it felt like my life had ended too. I wasn't ready to let her go. She was too young to die. But then April 20th came and they took her off from the respirator. When they took her off the respirator other times to see if she where able to breath on her own, she'd only last about 2 minutes, but when they took her off for the very last time, she breathed on her own for 2 hours. It killed me when he breathed on her own for that long because she knew it was her time to go but she just didn't want to.
As of today it has been almost 3 years since she had passed. I am now 17 years old and a Junior in high school. She would have been turning 14 in february and would be in 8th grade. There is never a day that goes by without me thinking of her. I always wonder why God chose her at such a young age. And i will admit that i am still in the grieving stage even though its been almost 3 years. But that's because she was my baby sister and i always loved her.. R.I.P Alli<3 i love you so much

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