Losing my Best friend AKA my grandpa <3

by Tiffany Groves
(Springfield Ohio)

Back in June 2010 I lost my best friend ever the person who was always there for me too lead me the way and I'd always follow him everywhere this Person was my grandpa John he was there when I was born back in 1997 and he passed 3 months after my 13th Birthday I'm glad he made threw that but I want him here still I know that sounds selfish but its true 100% true I hardly had any friends back then and when he died a felt like I lost the only person who was my friend I'm just glad he got to see me become a teenage I wish he was here for my sweet 16 back in March but he was there in my heart when I start to miss him I have my picture of him,me and my older brother for the memories of us when he passed on June,10,2010 I lost it a few months or a year after that I got depressed really bad and tried to hurt myself badly I starting seeing a counselor but that Made matters worst then I got my first boyfriend who was there for me when we was best friends and I felt the depression go away he made things better for me and we are still dating I'm glad I have him but anyways a few months in 2011 we went to a memory thing for my grandpa and other people who we're Cremated which helped a little but when my grandpa died I didn't say goodbye I said I'll see you soon because goodbye meant forever and I Know I'll meet him One day again so remember teens who are my age or younger when you lose your grandma or grandpa don't say goodbye say see you soon because you know you will see them sooner or later.

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