losing my dad is the most painful chapter of my life

by bianca

My father died after he was sick 43 days I could not believe it when I was told that daddy is gone I thought it was all a joke I was 15 years by the time I lost him,I cried each and every day until he was buried I cried like I never did into a point were by there is no tears in my eyes but then I could feel the pain inside my heart!mum then took me to the psychologist!it helped me to get better for the next 3months but then now all that pain is coming back I need motivations to get over my fathers death

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Jun 07, 2014
Losing my dad is the most painful chapter of my life
by: Doreen UK

Bianca I am sorry for your loss of your father. You can only motivate yourself to get over your father's death by going back to the psychologist and working with him no matter how long it takes till you start to feel better.
I was 15yrs. and did not deal with my losses and used self help books for knowledge and to develop skills to help myself. This only went so far and I then had to deal with it. In my 40's I went to see a psychologist and it was more painful than anything I ever faced in life. Second was losing my husband 2yrs. ago to cancer. But I faced the pain HEAD ON no matter how painful it was and I did not give up. Often people leave therapy/counselling too early to feel the benefits. It could be as sudden as just waking up one day, as I did and my whole world changed for the better. Had I left too early I would have missed out on the healing I have now. Think of it this way. The psychologist/therapist works with you and it feels as if he has opened you up emotionally, and you are bleeding. You left therapy/counselling too early, and you are still bleeding. The bleeding won't stop until you go back to the psychologist and allow those emotional wounds to be closed. This will be the start of the healing process, and the healing is AMAZING. You will be healed in ways you didn't think possible and may even help you with life in the future. You will learn coping mechanisms and skills to help you deal with future problems. You will also MATURE from the experience. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I paid a lot of money for my therapy/counselling. BUT WORTH IT. It was the best investment I ever made in my life. The skills used by a psychologist is amazing and very clever. I studied some books and then went on to give 8yrs. back in support of Mental Health. I understand the complex issues people come with into counselling, and I understand the family dynamics and I can say IT WORKS if you get the right counsellor. Therapy can take years. only because many people left it too late to deal with life issues. The sooner you do it the better, otherwise one day all this repression will one day start pressing for resolution and it is later in life that people enter counselling when they find it hard to manage life. It then takes longer. The myth is that we have to resolve every issue in life, because of the way we feel. But we don't resolve everything. Just as much as we need to. And we will know it, and when to stop.

Jun 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

It is 13 years since my beloved Dad died horribly from a terminal neurological illness. I still think about him almost every day. It was 9 years before one single day came where I didn't think about him. I still miss him. I could never wish him to be here, suffering as he was and I know he is at peace.

Jun 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

I understand your pain it has been 19 months for me loosing my hero dad. Some weeks i feel like i am doing well, then other weeks it is so hard, like this past week. I have been having a hard time but been telling no one. This has been so hard for me went to the cemetery this week. Cried so much this week, miss him like crazy. It will be two years August 21 don't know what i am going to do on that date yet. Sometimes i feel like i should get into some grief counseling. Maybe that would help. I feel like i am falling apart without him. I miss him so much. I know my mom is doing well but I'm sure she misses him. His third great grandchild is due any day and he will never meet him. Will always love you dad, I will always remember you, you were a great dad, great grandfather and was so special that you both met both of your great grandchildren before you passed. You were so strong, co courageous, with what you had.

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