losing my grandparents all within 3 months

by clystia coil
(st marys ohio usa)

the day before my mama died I was supposed to stay with her, it was always my worst night mare to stay with her and then she would just die. Well something just didn't feel right so I didn't stay. The next morning about 9:16 my mom comes in beating on my brothers doors and I wanted to know why she didn't beat on mine I went out of my room and I was opening my door I said to myself "my grandma is dead my grandma is dead" I saw my grandpa the strongest person ever, with tears in his eyes. Then my mom came out of the bath room and me and my brother was standing by each other my mom said " mama is dead". I never thought this would happen me getting told that she is dead. My grandma was my hero and one of my best friends I could tell ANYTHING too. So my mom told me the story. Then I was taking to my grandpa which was so hard to do because I have never seen him have tears in his eyes. That day around 9:45 we all went to my grandparents house everyone was in shock and everyone was walking in, from family to people I never have meet in my life. Then my cousin pulled up and just sat in his car who lives in Michigan a three hour trip he made in one hour holding my grandmas favorite flower a rose. Then came the viewing and my grandma looked nothing like my grandma. Family came in and friends came in. Then the funeral me sitting in the 2nd row. Listing to the preacher preach and then people going up to say a few words when my cousin went up to say what she had to say I realized I may only 14 but I told my grandma everything and she was my best friend. Then as time went on still not believing reality my grandpa made promises and when he mad them he stuck to it his neighbors caught people looking in the ditch and looking at my grandpas house then the day before my grandpa died some really crazy people was at my grandpas house. The day he died was supposed to be the day me and my grandpa was supposed to work on the barn but he had a beer and couldn't pick me up. My mom was out there earlier that day around noon and he was just fine. He called my mom up around 1:30 and said I'm ready for LT to come out my mom said dad my cars being fixed I'll bring them out after I take the boys up to Michigan. Then a kinda like brother of mine was out there for about and hour. He said something just didn't feel right when he left and that he was about to go back but he had to go back to his farm. About 7:30 that night I just got my friend to come over and I was taking trash out my dad was on the phone with my mom and I heard I'll be right there and he told me studderning I'll I'll be right back. I ran into my house and was balling my eyes out I told my best friend that I think my mom got in a accident, I tried to get a hold of my mom no answer I tried again and she told me she was okay but couldn't talk so I called my real brother balling my eye out and I said I need so and so's number he said why,, why, why and I said I think something happened to mom and then I heard siren for like two minutes he's like I'll try to get a hold of mom okay. I said fine call me back. He never called back so I called him again and he said I can't tell you sis call mom. I called my mom and my aunt answered and said I can't tell you this heres your mom at the time I was on my steps and she said sisy grandpas dead. I screamed and threw my phone people across the street started laughing and I then feel down my steps balling my eyes out my best friend is like whats wrong sis come on tell me whats wrong so I told her and she started balling her eyes out. Later that night sitting at her house I called my mom and my dad answered I said well what happened he said I'm not sure yet the detectives haven't found anything yet they got tents and lights up everywhere . and he said I don't know if she did or not and then said I got to go. Later that night my mom picked me up from her house and came to the door to get me when I saw her I started to ball my eyes out and hugged her tight and told her I love her so much and then I asked what happened and she said she needs a few minutes and that she will tell me at home. We got home and on the back porch she started from when she got into town she picked up lt who was going to go live with my grandpa because my grandpa was so lonely and she called LT to tell him she was picking him up and then called my grandpa a few times but he didn't answer she thought he is probably just out side she got there and said oh look he passed out then said no he didn't there's a gun on the table and then LT said call 911 now Leslynn now she did and as they said whats your emergency my mom said my father is dead and we need an ambulance at this address. They said whats your emergency again and my mom yelled it again and then LT came over and said Leslynn go in the house now go g** damnit go give me the phone and go! She gave him the phone and went inside and went to the bathroom to look out the window saw her dad laying dead and hearing LT saying this is Lary Tom Narrow is dead out here in this address get the hell out here now its a damn emergency! After that was the worst ever my last grandparent that truly loved me was gone. At the viewing my brother walked in and walked up to the casket and he couldn't make it to my grandmas funeral because he couldn't get off work because its not his real family. As he turned away from hugging my mom he saw me and came up and hugged me and didn't let go for a while. I walked in to the casket because I saw LT coming up and he asked me to walk up with him so I did he walked up and looked down at him and said Narrow whyd you do this to me your my best friend my brother we had planes. Why narrow why. I just had to walk away. I went back in to the living room thing and sat down with my brother and best friend. the day of the funeral nobody left with out red in there eyes. this is the worst year of my life

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