Losing our little man

by Fracess maryweather

If you are going to judge me because I am young then i suggest you keep your judgment to yourself.
I was 16 he was 17, we had been together for a year and a half, I was the happiest I had ever been and I wanted to spend my life with him. One month last summer I started feeling ill, I thought nothing of it as there had been a bug going round at the time, my period came one month but was light then it didn't come the next, I had been feeling sick, lightheaded, with sore breasts, I didn't for a second think I could be pregnant as that month we didn't have sex.
A year ago tommorow I was curled up on the sofa with my boyfriend, I had exrutiating stomach pain, and my period was due so I thought it was that. I went to the toilert to check and I had some heavy bleeding. It was soaking I pad in half hour. I was really badly panicking, and I started feeling this pressure feeling in my vagina so I sat on the toilet and I just had this urge to push, and I did and our came this grape sized lump.
I later found out I had had a misscarrige and I passsed my baby on the toilet.
It has been a year tomorrow. And it still hurts every day, knowing that he was our little baby boy.
Me and the father are still together, and we are still as in love as we were before the baby, as nothing is going to change that, ajnd I hope at some point we can have another baby n when we are ready, and we have fully grieved for the loss of our little man. Mummy and daddy love you our little fighter!!

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Jul 18, 2012
losing our little man
by: Dee U.K.

Francess You experienced a loss of a fetus that could have turned into a pregnancy. I am sorry for your loss. No one is or should judge you. You feel guilty so you feel you are going to be judged. You are also young so will feel this way. You actually sound like a very mature 16yrs old young woman. I applaud you for your decision to not have another baby till you have grieved the loss of this one that did not develop in the way you wanted. He was still a person whether not fully developed. Only God knows why this happened. I almost lost my daugher at 3 months pregnancy and resting and prayer she was saved and she turned out to be the best daughter a mother could want. She is 40yrs. of age. and has her own 2 children. I am glad you are still with the baby's father and you 2 can continue a relationship. Often a miscarriage can cause a couple to break up. It hasn't for you. but if cracks ever appear. Go for counselling. It works. and you will become a stronger person. Be Happy.

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