Losing the best thing i ever had in life.......my beautiful mother.

In Oct.of 2007 my hole life stopped. My mother was diagnosed with a kidney problem. My mother never had any sickness.After I beg her to retire this came about. I felt guilty . maybe she wouldn't have gotten sick if i wouldn't beg her to retire. But the good thing about I was able spend her last 90 days with her. She yet was still strong and holding on to Gods hand. I couldn't hear any of the word she was telling me because the fear of losing her was on my mind.On Jan. 27,2008 she sat up in the hospital and told me its almost time for her to go home .....fear shock my body I went from truthing to trembling. On the next morning my mother start to tell me what she excepted me to do. I look at her as if she was crazy. I said to her i haven't gotten marriage yet. With that funny look on her face she said who said you going to get marriage as she always say.....giggling.back to the funeral arrangement as she told me everything she wanted i begin to cry ...she said no crying i been praying for you all my life and your going to be fine. As i kiss her getting ready headed back to Miami she said make sure you get everything i told you with a big smile. My body felt weak. but i stood strong as the woman she taught me to be.The last words i heard from my mother was im going to try and hanging in there til you get back but if i don't......you got this carry on as you do you are the chose one out of the twelve sibling. I turn to pray with her as i finished, her words was He will carry you through i had done my duty. My mother went home to glory January 28,2008. It seems as if it was yesterday. My heart goes out to any one with a loss of a love one. May the glory of the lord protect us and carry us through.

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Apr 22, 2014
Losing the best thing I ever had in life....... my beautiful mother.
by: Doreen UK

Oh How Painful Death is. We LOVE, LAUGH, and Live with our family and then to lose them forever is one of the worst pains we have to bear in life. I feel we never quite recover from who we lose. My heart breaks for all of us who lose loved one's and have to live life alone and sad.
I had the worst day ever, fighting so many battles and not having my husband here to share the load. I had to carry it all by myself. I have had non stop problems with the house since my husband died. One problem gets sorted and their is half a dozen to follow. EVERY DAY something is going wrong. Today the plumber damaged the kitchen tap and I had to get one quick online as I have no kitchen sink to use. At the same time the shower is suffering in sympathy and chucking out cold water. Cold showers for 3 days is causing me to shiver. If only my Steve knew what I was going through. I had to pay for the tap, now the new plumber to install it. The other plumber got his money for a job he couldn't sort out. Just got the roof leaking sorted and now this. I can't talk about the other jobs needing done. If my husband was here it would all get done. These are the issues that are hard for widows to deal with. Needing a man's touch. The home has become a money pit. Glad tomorrow is another day.
It is good to build yourself up with putting new things in your life to enhance it and pick yourself up after loss. Having a new pet will give you this comfort. I hope life gets easier with each new day, and you find your way back from sorrow and loss.

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