loss and still losing

Death of a friend after a prolonged illness, another friend undergoing chemo after a first unsuccessful attempt. loss of his own health, loss of relationships, loss of a pet...my son has had so many losses in just over a year.
he associates grief with death only but all these things, esp taken together cause grief.
for some losses he's up to anger and still in denial for others, depression also.
i'm sleepless and needed to vent.

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Apr 19, 2013
loss and still losing
by: Doreen U.K.

Life is full of losses of every kind. But the one that seems to affect most people most of the time is to lose the life of someone close to us from our life. Leaving us alone and bewildered and not knowing how to go on. If losses are not dealt with they can lead to depression especially if these losses happened at an age when someone may not be able to process and accept these losses. These losses then turn inward into anger and depression and much harder to resolve without support from professional counselling.
I first went into counselling in my 40's. I had suffered depression all those years. Things had piled up on top of each other and I couldn't resolve them without professional help. I can tell you that this is the best thing I did for my self. I got my life back in ways I didn't know and found life worth living for the first time in my 40yrs. I began with the aid of a good therapist to resolve my losses which eventually evaporated with the pain. The longer one is repressed the longer the time in counselling and on the way to Healing from those losses. It is such a cathartic (cleansing) experience. Like nothing you can ever have again. My life from that point began to be FANTASTIC. Because even dealing with much trials and tribulations in life even now. I could handle everything in a positive way. Before this I was negative. I didn't know anything else. I didn't know what positive was. I didn't have to learn this either. It just happened with counselling and I was able to move forward. THERE IS HOPE. I was on the way to destruction had I not been SAVED BY A THERAPIST. And the Power of God.
I encourage you through my experience to not give up hope. Find someone to support you and your son and get the help you need to move forward in life. In life we will keep losing. But with the right support we can get ourselves into a healthy frame of mind mentally and emotionally to cope with Loss in life. I have lost family, Husband jobs, homes, money, and relationships, but I have a strong Faith and Belief in God so this helps me. I walk with God Always. He is my Protector, My Hope. Without Him life wouldn't be worth living. This is my reason to go on in life. May God help you find the courage, strength, and Hope to find your way back into life.

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