Loss my younger brother from a car accident

by Lonnie
(Laveen , AZ )

On December 16, 2012 was the day I loss a great brother(Dylan). He was coming home from dropping off a friend, he wasn't far from home when he got into a car accident. Around 6 or 7ish was when I heard a knock at the door thinking it was some people selling stuff or church people my youngest brother(marlon) went to go open the door after marlon came into my room told me it was about Dylan. Went into the living room seeing my mother in tears I didn't want to believe it. I started calling families and friends letting them know what was going on and they couldn't believe it as well . I was in shock I couldn't cope with the fact that I lost a brother I didn't want to believe it. When we went to go view the body it was still a shock to me I still couldn't believe he was gone. Till this day I still think about him and I still can't believe he's gone I feel that he's just sleep and he's not waking up. Days after he past he came into my dream smiling at me. Somedays I felt like dying or why didn't I go with him that night I should have been there. Somedays I wish I could live in my dreams and never come back to reality. I miss him so drearily. Somedays I wanna drown myself with alcohol till this day I have sleepless nights. When he passed away I could bearly sleep I wouldn't sleep in till like 8 in the morning I was very depressed cry myself to sleep. Going to work was even hard.

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Sep 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

I lost my big brother in a car accident last year. I still cry all the time. I feel like a part of me died. I miss him so much and pray I will see him again. This is the worse thing I have ever been through. I try to be strong, but there are days I just lose it. I like reading other peoples stories, I dont feel so alone.

Jul 15, 2014
Loss my younger brother from a car accident
by: Doreen UK

Lonnie I am sorry for your loss of your brother Dylan to a sudden death from a tragic accident. You are facing the normal feelings of grief. Cry if you feel like it as this is the best expression of grief and healing from loss. Just don't go and start drinking alcohol even if you feel like it as it would only drown your sorrows for a while and make thing worse later on. Alcohol masks the symptoms of grief so you won't feel them now, but you would feel it later on and it would be more painful. If you are able to talk with your Mum, another adult, or even a counsellor this would help you to heal and take away that RAW GRIEF, and the depression you are feeling now. Death is one of the worse experiences we will endure in life. The healing is very slow and it takes us a long time to recover. It will take a long time, but you will get your life back one day. You can write out your feelings in a journal so it gets it out of your system, or you could honour your brother by making a memory book or some other outlet that would express your grief and honour your brother.

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