Loss of a older sister Overdose

by gina

Hello. Last Saturday the day after the 4th of July I overslept a little bit and I heard my phone ring and it was my older sister she said "are you coming im gonna be late for work!" I rushed so i would not make her late. I ran to her house to get my 4 year old nephew Mickie and my 6 month old niece Lilly to bring them to my house, I walked to the door and rang the bell Mickie opened it and hugged me and ran back to the play room, i went to Ella's room to tell her she could leave that i would lock up the place, but when i walked in she was on her bed not breathing i screamed and started crying when i learned she had dropped dead right after I got off the phone with her! I walked into my old bedroom(i lived with her when my parents went away for 2 months) and sat on my old bed and cried! Then I called 9-1-1 and got the kids and as much stuff I could carry and put in the carriage with the baby! 4 year old holding my hand running. I found out soon after that she had a overdose but it was suicide! :( I miss you Ella so much I'm 17 and have lost my older sister! :( RIP Ella you will be missed by a lot of people and ME! :( RIP

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Jul 10, 2014
I hate addiction and mental illness
by: Joanna

That's so horrible for you to find your sister that way, and for that to be the last image in your head. I'm very sorry for everything. Being on this web page helps to see that we are not the only ones going through a loss. Every loss is different and hurts everyone differently. I'm very familiar with mental illness, whether or not your sister had that, I don't know, but my brother who was 33 died on May 20 th of this year due to an overdose of heroin. His pregnant girlfriend found him dead on the couch . He was suffering from a deep depression of two marriages failing, and his constant court dates trying to get visits with his two children from his first marriage. This was all too much for him, so he on that night he decided to go back to his old addiction, heroin, and overdosed. Whether it was suicide, we will never know. I'm his youngest sister, I'm 24 and just two months before he died, my dad died unexpectedly too. Now I just have my mom and two older sisters, and the oldest sister had her six kids taken away because of heroin, and I decided to take the youngest three children while my mom took the oldest three, not to mention I have two young sons. So even though it's been a month of my brother passing, I still haven't grieved, and it's killing me every day. I can't look at his pics yet. So listen to these posts people put, and do whatever you can to grieve...cry, write, poems, whatever it may be. Just one day at a time....

Jul 09, 2014
Loss of an older sister Overdose
by: Doreen UK

Gina I am so sorry for your loss of your sister Ella. What a tragic way for you to find your sister. It was hard reading your post that your sister took her own life. The fact that she was rushing to work and worried she would be late does not strike me that she was suicidal. You jumped to your feet and immediately went to get her children so she could go to work. Who will be responsible for caring for her children? Are you getting support from your family? This is such a difficult time for all of you. Grief is so painful and lasts too long for any of us to get our heads around how slow healings is, and how unbearable the pain is. The best way forward is by TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. To lose a sibling will be so painful for a long time. I have 5 siblings and couldn't bear to lose any one of them. I just lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 2yrs. ago so I know how long and painful the grief journey is. You need to take care of your own needs at this time as grief is draining. You will find life gets easier in time and you can look forward. My heart goes out to those 2 children who now don't have a mother.

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