Loss of Friends-Too Young

by Brittney
(Shelbyville, IN)

It was April of my 8th grade year. It was friday april 20. I was at the ball park playing softball. I heard all kinds of sirens running somewhere north of where I was at. Come to find out all of the sirens were going on a run for someone who had committed suicide. Saturday I found out that the suicide call was to the home of my friend, Anna. She hung herself with her bed sheets over the break-up from her boyfriend and the fact that she did not have a very good home life. She killed herself 3 days before she turned 14. Anna was a friend of mine....no she was not my best friend but we had been friends for 3 years. I remember going to her showing. There were so many of my classmates and I there. Anna looked aweful laying there in that casket. her face was so swollen and the make-up was caked on to hide the bruises from the sheets where she blocked off her airway. My mother would not let me go to the funeral. She said I did not need to go. It was hard for me to be at school the day of her funeral. Losing anna was hard but not as hard as losing my best friend.

It was June 2003. My best friend, Allison, loved playing soccer. Her Idol was mia hamm!! She was playing soccer and got hit in the head with a ball. She went to the doctor and everything was okay except she had some sinus problems at the time. After she was hit with the ball she started having headaches all the time. Her parents decided to take her back to get checked out again. The doctors did a ct scan. They found that she had a tumor on her brain. Allison was sent to Riley Children's Hospital and the doctor there decided that due to the severness of this tumor he was going to send allison to duke universtity hospital in North Carolina. Allison had a rare form of brain cancer. The doctors gave allison 6 months to live. I couldn't believe that my best friend of 8 years was dying right before my eyes. The doctors did all kinds of test and set up a treatment plan. Allison started doing chemo and radiation every 6 weeks. She still went to school our 8th grade year. She was in all of my classes, so needless to say I did everything I could to help her. We got so much closer that that year of her life.

Allison started going downhill fast at the end of our 8th grade year. She got to where she was having trouble walking and she was losing control of her body. She was so bloated and her hair was really thin and brittle due to all the treatments she was recieving. On September 10,2004-allison started having seziures and her breathing was becoming more and more shallow. September 11,2004-Allison's family sat vigil around her bedside. allison's sister, Mallory-was playing in her soccer game...Allison was fading fast. Allison's dad raced up to the highschool to get mallory home to be with her sister. Luckily allison was still barely hanging on when mallory and her dad got back home. Allison passed away at 6:15 pm on Saturday, September 11,2004. Finding out about the death of my best friend was horrible. I could not stop crying. Monday I went to school and some people still had not heard. It was hard to get through the day. I did nothing but cry. Allison's showing and funeral were on Wednesday and Thursday of that week. I went to the showing and seeing my best friend laying there was horrible. I could not believe that she was really gone. There were so many young people coming to pay their respects. The day of her funeral was really hard. The school ended up giving all of us kids who went to her funeral an excused absence. There was standing room only at the funeral. I of course was standing at the front of the funeral home by the casket. It was super hard. Still to this day-almost 5 years later it is so hard to go on with out my best friend here!!

okay..... jump ahead two years....It is now october of my junior year. I lost two friends of mine this year. The night of October 10 I got the terrible news that my friend Katie had been killed in a car accident. She was heading from her house to Indianapolis to give her life up for christ and be confirmed. She was about 1.5 miles from her home when she rounded the curve and hit a patch of oil and rock, lost control of her jeep and it rolled multiple times. She was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. I did not believe that she was really gone until the next day at school. I walked in the student entrance before the bell rang. As I walked in the door, the middle school principal-vice principal-and guidance counselors were all standing there. That is when It hit me that katie really was gone. The school day started out like any other normal day... I went to first period and the principal got on the intercom.. He then preceeded to inform the student body of the death of Katie. It was so hard that day. Luckily it was already scheduled to be a half day for us. The administration called in counselors and had a grief area for us in the lobby. Good friends of Katie's all gathered in this area and cried together, told stories, wrote different things to her, etc. Her showing was on a friday night. I went to this and it was super hard to see her laying there in that casket. Katie always had a smile on her face but when I saw her in that casket was the only time I ever saw her without a smile on her face. On Friday night I found out that another good friend of mine had been in a car accident. Not only was I grieving over the loss of katie but now I was super worried about my friend chase who was also in a car accident. I went to Katie's funeral on Saturday morning. I was sitting there in the pew of the church waiting for the service to begin when a friend of mine came up and asked me if I had heard about chase. I told him yeah.. I knew chase was in a bad accident.

That is when I came to find out that Chase had passed away early that saturday morning. Now I not only have to sit at the funeral of my friend Katie but I alway am really saddened at the loss of my friend chase. Chase ran from the cops because he had an outstanding ticket. he ran a four way flasher and got t-boned by another car. He was put on lifesupport until his mother and father could reach the hospital. His mother and father knew that he would not want to be kept alive like that and they took him off of lifesupport. At school on monday...once again the principal got on the intercom to inform the student body of the death of chase. Now not only were we grieving for one student/friend but two. I could not cry for chase. I was all cried out from the death of katie. I went to Chase's showing. We were lined all the way around the building. I finally broke down for chase when we were standing in line...Seeing chase like that was horrible.

People always say that highschool is supposed to be the time of your life-needless to say that was definately not the case for me. Losing these friends has been one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. Suffering the loss of all of these young people have significantly affected me. I still to this day wish that they were all still her with me. they all had so much life ahead of them. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of them. They each have a special place within my heart where I always carry them.

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