Loss of Logan

by RuthAnn
(Ontario, Canada)

Logan was the litter mate to the one he left behind - Phoenix - his brother. Logan was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis in Jan 2011 and along with the expertise of our vet and staff, we were able to keep him in relatively good health until August 18, 2011 -the day his laryngeal paralysis closed his larnyx and he could no longer breathe.

Logan was 12 years, 2 months old the day he died. Logan was the "Criminal" of the two puppies. Everyone in our neighbourhood knew we had a dog named Logan. He was social, he was so verbal - so much to say - and he thought everyone who came through the door was his long lost friend. He was bossy - and could be cranky - but could be so, so adorable and sweet and cuddly. Logan was a cocker spaniel - reddy brown with a little white running down his chin to his chest. I'm not doing his personality justice with my words. I loved that dog. So much. And I miss him so terribly that the pain is consuming me. I am angry all the time and don't understand why people at work are looking at me funny. I am angry because they don't seem to care about me or my loss or Logan's loss.

On Aug 18th, 2011 I carried Logan into the vets. The warmth of his body against mine held no fight. No squirming. He didn't have it left in him. My arms ache to hold that warm little silky dog. And as he laid on the table at the vets he pressed his nose up against mine and we stared into each others eyes until there was no more life in my beautiful little puppy ....

I got the call today that his ashes are ready to be picked up. Will this provide some comfort and closure?

Like Sandy it's only been two weeks but it doesn't seem to be getting any better, although I'm trying now to focus on his brother as he is also feeling the loss. Logan was the protector -the strong one - the bold one. Phoenix misses him too.

My name is RuthAnn and I miss one of my best friends, my companion, my dog .... Logan.

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Sep 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank-you Gregory and Ellen for your comments and words of wisdom, hope and sharing. Your thoughtfulness and concern has made today a little better than yesterday and for that I thank you both.

Sep 02, 2011
Your Message
by: Geoffrey campbell

Your message really moved me to tears, I feel so sorry for you as your words brought to my heart back memories of my dog Barnie, who though I lost him over twenty years ago, when I think of him I still cry, he was so loving too, and dear RuthAnn, there are people like us who do care and though we know you only from your letter, we pray that God will give you the strength as we know the grief feels unbearable. Like us, it is hard to go each day, even each moment not having them by our sides, but we can encourage each other, only those who have lost a family member, for indeed these pets are family members, can truly sympathize with you. But even more to be pitied are those whose hearts are so lacking compassion that they seek not to help you in your grief. Thank you for your letter Ruthann, it is helping me for I have lost a pet too very recently named Miss Blue. Even now I cry, but your letter was beautiful in expressing how wonderful your dog was. I am thankful there is a loving God who will one day, give us something that is more important than the streets of gold, and that is, the ones who wagged their tales, and purred in our laps.

Sep 01, 2011
There is no stronger love..

..then the love of a dog. It is unconditional, it is forever.

A dog is the only creature on earth that will love you more then he/she loves themselves. THAT is overwhelming. How do you earn that?

I know I will not forget the passing of Snowball, and how I cursed the gods that they stopped short of taking him, he had a stroke, could no longer walk or control himself, he was 12, I had to decide to put him down. I cried my eyes out.

I will never forget Snowball.

May I leave you with a site to help you along your way?


I hope you can arrive at a place that will allow you to dream and remember Logan with joy and laughter. He deserves that.


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