loss of my husband of 36 years

I lost my husband to medical malpractice in Canada.
It was a horribly torturous ordeal that my husband endured in the hands of those butchers. Whats started out as a simple cancer surgery for removal of a tumour, turned out to be the most horrific event in our life.

They drowned him in 6 litres of fluid after the third surgery, after the first two botched ones.
I will never forget how my husband suffered I think about it all the time and I dont know how I will ever forget how he suffered and how they murdered him.
I am pursing a malpractict suit but our Canadian justice system does not believe that our doctors are negligent. I do have the best lawyer.
I hate been alone and I never expected to be a widow at such a young age.
Finding happiness is a difficult path.
My two daughters live in different countires and cities.
I have no one other than friends, who have their own lives.MY husband was going to be a cancer survivor another 20 years they said and he was 63. How do you ever forgive?

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Jul 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

I pray for you for such a negligent and needless loss. It is cheating you out of so much. Have you read the book by Rosemary Gibson? Wall of Silence?

Medical negligence was the same cause of death for my husband of 35 years. The hurt is always there and the silence.

You will always be in my thoughts.

May 29, 2012
My Husband was given the wrong blood !!
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Nancy !! Your prayers are welcomed ,I hope and pray that someone takes this case!! My husband deserves this vindication so !! We are in Connecticut!!!

May 28, 2012
My Husband was murdered at the incompitent hands of a VA hospital in Ct
by: Paula

My beautiful and loving Husband of 45 yrs was literally murdered at a VA hospital !!! He was given the wrong blood transfusion , then an overdose of Morphine to cover up their mistake !!I demanded narcon he almose died from that also !! Then they infused him with more Wrong Blood type !!! They told be his kidneys failed!!! His whole body went into failure , but ge was still talking to me. And he said, Please Paula, get me put of here, they are killing me!! He described to tha his whole body was surging, his back pained and he knew they had ruined him! He had liver cancer, But it was under control and stable!!! I have several lawyers who are Investigating all !!! How can I live thru this????? He was my life!! I no longer want to live!!! Without him there is no life!!!

May 12, 2012
I am sorry for your loss
by: Nancy

I do not know what city you are in - my sister died in Toronto...after questionable circumstances.. she was 58 years old...and that happened this year in January 2012 ....I do not know all the details of your story...but I know that I was told that because I was not next of kin I was not allowed to know information. I tried to get her common-law husband to get info - but he wanted everything left alone---I still am so angry with myself and break down constantly because of it...I have tried talking to siblings...but they just don't get it
I live in another province and don't have the finances to get there.. I hate living in poverty...
YOU REALLY ARE A THIRD CLASS PERSON. I hope you fight hard for your husband...hospitals are so good at covering up their mistakes..your husband has a right to be heard and you have a right to have answers...I am glad that you have taken a stand....I am praying that all goes well...I will be watching the site...keep us informed...

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