Loss of seventh family relation- only nine...

by Thomas Wilcox

At only nine years old, I have now lost my seventh family member in my lifetime-my grandmother. Three family members were lost before I was born. My other grandma and grandad and my grandmother's (see above) husband. After I was born, I lost my fourth member (Aunty) and my fifth member (close friend's relation), Ian. Later, in 2012, I lost my aunty's dog called Oscar. He was a cute golden Labrador, with another kind of girlfriend, hershey, a chocolate Labrador. Next, after losing her german Shepard, Petra, my last grandparent (grandmother this whole thing is about called Betty) bought a black Labrador who used to fight with Oscar.

Finally, on the 19th of June 2012 my grandmother (Betty), passed away after normal old age deceases. This is the seventh time death has happened to me, but I still can't get over any single one of them. Will someone please help me? My email address is Thomaswilcox@sky.com . Thank you.

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Jun 27, 2012
Lost 7 members of my family. I am 9 yrs.old.
by: Doreen U.K.

Hi Thomas
I am so sorry for the loss of the 7 members of your family. You are only 9 yrs. of age and this is so young to face so much grief. This is what is happening to you. You are feeling the pain of grief. This could last a long long time. You need to see a bereavement counsellor to support you whilst you work through your pain and loss of all the people that have been taken out of your life. You haven't had the time or space to grieve the other losses and you may be depressed and this needs to be addressed otherwise it will only get worse. It will also hold you back in life and affect your schooling and your studying. You may find it hard to concentrate. I hope you have someone at home now helping you. Do you have someone you can talk to now? You can also write out your feelings in a journal. This way you get it out of your system so it is not bottled up otherwise you will explode if you have too much to carry. I hope I have been of some support to you because you are not ALONE we understand how you feel and what you are going through. I hope things get better for you soon and best wishes for the days ahead.

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