Loss of Two Tennis students

For four years I coached two girls how to play tennis. They were normal kids....but gifted athletes...they had problems like any other child. I gave them extra hours on the court...I saw potential. The oldero one became disrespectful once she turned 13...but worked it out...knowing that she was a teenager...it was getting better...the younger one is 10...and has problems with focus...but a great athlete and plays tops in her middle school...and she is only a 4th grader!!!

THey sold their housE and moved to a town only ten minutes further for me...and I tohught I was going to be their pro over there!!! The mother told the older girl we want coach over there!!!
The dad "blindsided" me and told me want to start new...new coach...new life etc...a few weeks ago he was telling me how well the girls were hitting!! He emailed me after I emailed him telling me that they were going to "re-up" for a new coach...I was in shock...but now I am feeling that emptiness...the loss...after spending 5-6 days a week getting them to the next level!!!

They incorporated me in their lives,,,soccer games, plays, Thanksgiving etc...my point is..I was a confidant to those two...the mother undrstood this and supposedly he did as well..

My last lesson with the younger one...she told me this from her dad: "when we move you are getting a new coach!!!" She even imitated his aggressive hand gesture...

After letting me go ...the mother asked me to take care of their dog...which I had done numerous times the past four years...they were going to Europe for their honeymoon...I did...but I did not see them drop the dog off...nor pick it up...once the dog was gone...I felt such a loss!!!

I feel a betrayal from the father...saying one thing...and doing another...I had plans for ten years to try to bring them to the pro level...I stuck with these two...the good and bad...why did he leave so sudden?

Hurt and confused...Coach

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