Today 10 months ago,I lost my dear son Louie . I feel dead inside myself.
We were close and he was so nice to everyone. I am blessed with that but
Oh how this hurts!!!
Three weeks after my son died,my sister passed away. She was my closest
Sister,then my cousin died from breast cancer and also my niece died,who was
Daughter to the sister that died. So many ,so close!
This is a heavy load. I don't even know how I go onward except by the grace of God.
I know everyone on here hurts and I hope All of us struggling hearts find comfort as we
For us all and all those suffering worldwide,I pray today. I just needed to express as writing
On here seems to help get it out. My name is Kate.

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Oct 20, 2013
Your son Louie
by: Lynn

Hi Kate
Thinking if you in your loss of you dear dear son Louis and your other losses. It is 10 months on 22nd October that we lost our son Luke. He was knocked down and killed by two cars not far from home. You kindly replied to me at that time.we have to to the inquest on 23rd October which we are dreading.
Do you find that the phone calls stop and people just ignore the fact that you have lost your beloved son. Some days I don't know how to carry on I cry at least twice a day I don't know how to get through this.thinking of you as you will know how we feel x

Sep 23, 2013
by: Doreen

Kate I am sorry for your loss of son, sister, cousin, niece. This such a huge loss of family in such a short time. You may benefit from seeing a grief counsellor where there has been a multiple loss. Grief is so difficult for one. But more then you need to try to get some support. You need to talk about each loss separately and grief each loss of that individual otherwise it can all get tangled up and hard to separate later. I have done the counselling bit so know how tangled up I was and how much better I feel now and coping after the loss of my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 16 months ago.
There is no easy way to grieve. Crying is the best release from pain and a great part of GRIEF. To lose a child is the worst loss a mother can go through even if this child were an adult. We will worry about our children from the cradle to the grave. We don't expect to bury our children and this is a mother's worst fear. If you have good supportive family and friends this will help immensely. I had such support which was invaluable. Take one day at a time and process each loss as best as you can. If you choose not to see a counsellor you can keep a journal and express all your feelings in a journal. This will get it out of your system and allow you to grieve these multiple losses. I believe in God and this is the best way forward knowing God is carrying us each day through our sorrow and He is with us in our grief.

Sep 20, 2013
by: silver

How well I know how you feel.You don't have time to grieve for one when another one leaves.I also lost a sister I was very close to in 2001.In 17 months I sent on my mother,my father,my friend of 28 yrs and my husband of 33 yrs.You are still reeling from one death-maybe not even out of the shock stage when another shock hits.I don't think I left the shock stages until several months after my husband died.Cleaning out my parents house to sell postponed all my breaking down.When that was done it all of a sudden hit me.The only things keeping me together were,my faith in GOD,my children,and this site.I have felt normal here.I can share my pain without being told to move on already.The timing of grief is different for each of us.Take time and allow yourself to feel.It's normal.GOD send you strength and peace.I keep all of us in my prayers

Sep 17, 2013
Thank you
by: Kate

Thanks for the loving caring comments. Your words have helped me know others care and understand,sadly because of their own pain and sorrow. Grief has so many emotions,shock,anger,depression,pain,guilt and sorrow. It's so hard a journey to endure,thanks to each of you.

Sep 17, 2013
by: Vickie

Kate- Keep sharing your pain and your story. I haven't been here in a quite some time. Tomorrow it will be four yr's since I lost my daughter. She was my youngest and had so much more to do. I pray that you will find strength and I am so sorry for All the loss you have had to endure. There are some very special people that come here and I have been blessed to have met a couple very special women. It isn't an easy road but don't lose hope and as Cynthia said God can bring you strength.

God bless you- Vickie

Sep 17, 2013
by: Anonymousfabio

Dear friend , i m so sorry for what you haven and still going trough , me to 3 month ago i lost my only child of 22 on a motorbike accident on a so called safe track ? Till now i still be leave it he was such a gentleman and caring person he was a first officer for jet star qantas at the age of 18 my wife and i dunno what to do to move forward ,i cry every single day and all i can say hope time and meditation will help all of us here i feel your pain !!!:((((

Sep 17, 2013
Too many Losses
by: Cynthia

Hello Kate, You have suffered more losses than one should have to endure. I do believe that losing your son has to be the most difficult. I lost my son 2 1/2 years ago, it was sudden and I did not think I would survive. We were extremely close. I miss him so much everyday. I know your pain and your sadness. I sometimes wonder how much longer I can endure the pain. I have a wonderful husband, another son and my first Grand Daughter. They are the reason I am still here. I have started going back to church and it does bring me a bit of comfort.
Most of my friends do not have a clue as to the pain I go through daily. I put on my happy face for them. But it does get exhausting.
I pray that you keep moving each day, one day at a time. There is a song I listen to called "Worn" by "Tenth Avenue North", it hits so close to home for me. I have told a few close friends of mine to listen to it if they really would like to know how I feel most days.
I hope you have family and friends that are helping you get through each day, it is a journey we most times have to travel by ourselves but it does help to know there are loved ones near to help us when we fall.
My email is: Cynthia.thompson@norcalgold.com if you would like to talk.
Take care of yourself.......

Sep 17, 2013
So sorry
by: Deb

I am so sorry for all your losses. I just my beloved brother to suicide on Father's Day this year. My sister and I and younger brother are having so much heartache and loss over his suicide. We had just spoken to him and my younger brother just saw him, but he and his wife were arguing and whatever she said that last hour after our younger brother left, got him off the chair to get the gun and he told her to get out.

Talk about anger, ugh! so mad at her.

I cry each day, however I am starting to find help through the suicide prevention site. AFSP.org. I joined a walk benefit this past Sunday for this organization and met people with heartache as mine.

I hope you can find someone to speak to and see what helps, but this is so painful and we miss him so much, I cant imagine what your going through with the loss of your child, sister and nieces:( I am so sorry. I hope someone here can help you better then I can, but I felt a need to write you.

Sep 17, 2013
by: Judith in California

Kate, I'm so sorry for your losses. Too many at once. I pray for you the peace and acceptance side of grief's horrible journey.

Take care.

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