Lost dad march 2nd 2011

by samantha
(waupaca )



where do i begin well i can say that i had the best dad ever and he died in march last year and the worst part is that i have two sibling that are 4 and 6 and well i just feel like there is no one there to help me along with this process. i know that it is suppose to get easier but it seems like there is no end to this madness and i am lost little rabbit lost in this big world and i am wishing that there is a way that i could just see him one last time. because the last time i saw my dad was when he took me and my little brother and sister to a hotel and celebrated our birthdays. it almost seemed like he knew that god wanted him to go back home but what really stumps me is that he kept talking like he was going to die right there and then and i just could not handle it i broke down and cried because i just would like to tell him that i love him one last time and the one thing that also gets me is why did he have to die at such a young age my dad was only 33 when he died of Pneumonia and well the doctor told him that it was a ear infection and a simple cold and i dont know what to do any more it really feels like my world has really crumbled to the ground because people are ignoring the fact that people shouldnt loose a dad at such a young age and i feel like i need help so if your out there please help me

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Jun 16, 2012
your dad march 2,2011
by: Anonymous

Darlin im so sorry for your loss my heart honestly does go out to you and your family. I have also lost my dad and i also was daddys little girl.No matter how old you are or they are we will always be daddies girl.I am much older and can tell it is not any easier the older you are .i'm in my late 40s i lost my dad in 2008 and it is not easy no matter what i do it seems like i spend every waking moment thinking about him or remembering little things he would say. i still cry when no one is home. or remembering sounds of his laugh or voice.Get a box start filling it with little things of his if you can. write him letters put them in there. also keep it locked your space only.When your alone ask him to help you say dad leave me a sign your with me and helping and helping guide me. start paying attention to your daily routine you will get signs. write down things he would do that was funny or funny things he would say put them in your locked box so when your sister and brother are older you can let them read this stuff.daddies never leave we cant see them but now more than ever they see everything we do.take care.

Mar 24, 2012
Someone cares
by: Anonymous

Hi Samantha,
I really believe that only God understands your pain and loss. Only God can help your heart to heal. (I know this is true from reading the Bible.) This life here on earth is only temporary.
Jesus made a way for us to see our loved ones again. (By His death on the cross ~for the forgiveness of our sins, and by His resurrection three days later, we can have eternal life!)
Take all your hurt and cares to the LORD.
He will comfort you, and daily give you
direction for your life.
Jesus loves you...
~ Rose

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