lost godmother

by michelle

After my mum died my dad remarried 2 years later. my stepmum then tore my family apart. i no longer see or talk to my godmother and my uncle and her kids. i love them all soooooo much they are my favourite family in the whole wide world. me and my sisters used to walk to their house without telling anyone but now its too risky and one of my sisters got into a huge drama with my cousin. i want to go over their house but right now they are overseas. i promise myself that when they come back i will walk to their house. the worst thing is that my dad is a priest so he should forgive them. thats what priest's are meant to do. if they can't do that they how can we? the stupid argument was because of my stepmum. my dad shouldn't have remarried, he only waited 2 years. my godmother only started saying things because she loved my mother so much. they were best friends. i hate my stepmum so much and although i know how horrible this is to say i wish she would die. all she does is complain and she talks about us behind our back and likes to stir things. i just wish that my mother will come back and that my evil stepmother will be gone so that i can talk to my godmother and my favourite cousin again. Please let this wish come true. Please...

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Jan 01, 2012
by: margaret cassidy

my godmother jean hughes lives in new york.i havent seen her since my auntie sadie died. been in touch with her once since 9/11 pls get in touch

Sep 05, 2010
lost godmother
by: Anonymous

awk darlin . uve lost sooo much but u know ur mums always with u when u want her near . talk to her as u always did n she will hear n make things better in her own way. ur step mum has a hard act to follow as she surely knows u and ur dad will never love or care for her in the same way as u both did for ur mum. she must be very sad to complain all the time. no matter how hard it is mayb u could remind ur dad that u love him but r finding things difficult. he'll b hurting to i bet and wanting everyone to be happy . think of wot ur mummy would want . im a mum n i know my heart would break to know my family were so very unhappy . i would want my children to talk to their dad n explain calmly how they felt n to try to help their step mum should they have one to know even though its very hard they would want to find things they both liked n learn to appreciate each other. shell never b the same as ur mum and im sure she doesn't want to replace her as shed know she never could. but she must surely want to be liked n must b as unhappy as u n that must make ur dad so sad. you've all suffered in different ways n ur mum would only want u all to be happy or at least begin to smile again. your godmother will always love u n im sure in time when healing starts u will be able to get in touch again. god bless u n take care. xx

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