Lost Little Sister Olivia to Heroin at 21 yrs

TODAY we bury my wife’s little sister. My little sister. She was barely 21 years old. And with her we bury all our hopes, prayers and dreams of seeing her pull thru this very rough chapter in her life. We so looked forward to the many good things that we thought she was destined for. She was so young and full of potential, so rich in personality and spirit. She was a kind, gentle and giving soul.

Upon being informed of her passing the air was ripped from my lungs. I was unable to breath. Deep and stabbing was the pain in my chest. Utter heartbreak. How did we let her get away? How could this have happened?

Olivia’s strong, stubborn, proud personality and her bright, cheery attitude covered, from most, the darkness she was feeling. To see her you would never have realized her struggles or the demons she wrestled in her head. She wore a mask and but it was a happy one. Her bright and contagious smile lite up any room.

Olivia endured heartbreak after heartbreak in a short period of time and at such a vulnerable age. Heavy was this load upon her slight frame. Although she was a kind and beautiful soul, she was a fragile one. All she was looking for was some respite from her pain.

She was prescribed narcotics to deal with her anxiety and depression and it opened the door to her ultimate demon. Addiction. This demon, upon their introduction, kicked the door in and took up residency in her mind and soul. Its proposition, relief from your pain in exchange for everything. This demon isolated her from the love of her family. It imprisoned her and chained itself to her so that where ever she ran, it was at her footsteps to recapture her and imprison her again. Olivia ran and ran but ultimately could not out run
these chains.

Be vigilant, for there are wolves circling your flock watching for signs of weakness. Be involved and most of all, be a parent. If that means being unpopular or tough, so be it. And if you cannot do this for your child then tell someone and let them do it for you. For that is what a parent does. Being a Parent means making the hard decisions, the unpopular decisions.

I am proud of you for so many things Olivia. I know you didn’t chose this path. It chose you. I know you deserved better. I know you fought hard and courageously. You were like a wild Mustang that would not bow down to the thought that this addiction had control of you. You were determined to banish this demon on your own. In private. The same way you chose to endure your pain. I know where you are now you can finally take off your mask and unburden your soul. Know that your sister and I love you and miss you dearly.

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Jun 14, 2013
by: Elaine from Texas

Beautifully written. Thank you.

May 25, 2013
Lost Little Sister Olivia to Heroin at 21yrs
by: Doreen U.K.

I am so sorry for your loss of your sister Olivia. Such a tragic loss of one so young who lost a future.
My nephew of 30yrs. died 6yrs. ago. He was on medication for depression that carried side effects of suicidal tendencies. He threw himself in front of an express train and broke so many hearts. He couldn't hang onto life. He cried out for help but no one really heard his cries of "Someone out there Please Help me." Scars forever of a lost life that could have found fulfilment and happiness. We are living in a very fractured world and life is getting tougher for young people who see no future and so try to block out their pain with drugs that are too powerful for the body and so they fight a never ending battle of addiction that seems to control them. It claims the lives of even the Celebrities that have it all, so perhaps it is something else that people are searching for, but never find it.
Many people find healing from God from addiction to heroin. This is one source I know where healing is successful from addiction.
But it is never easy for the families to cope with this. Always living on a knife edge of Hope that their loved one will conquer the habit. I reached out to my nephew to support him but somehow it wasn't enough. He still ended his life. An emptiness lives in our family now with this loss. I hope that you and your family will find a way to Heal from your loss and that you will be well supported till you can find your way back from the loss of Olivia.

May 24, 2013
by: Melina

What a beautiful, understanding, gracious, loving sister you are. Those words you wrote are the steps that she must have taken to climb to her spot in the universe and as she climbed them she knew she would always be loved. Her pain is now no longer. Take care of yourself. Namaste.

May 24, 2013
my son
by: Anonymous

Hi there I feel your pain and understand your words because I was there that my son lost his battle meth addiction 13 months ago.
Same as your sister he wear the mask very well
no one in my family knew till after his pass.
I did not know exactly but felt some thing wrong and ask him to get help but he did not want too
I was hurt so much because he listenned to me nothing and all I do just angry and cried and up to now I've still cried and cried cause miss him so much, he came back in my dream and tell me he is at peace now don't worry about him no more.
that he chose to defeat the evil only choice to defeat them I wish they all gone to hell fire burn them down they've killed how many lives
However that his karma he met the evil then he's gone he is done in this life your sister too they going home to wait another mission from GOD
I am still suffer because I always love my son and miss him a lot but time have to go on
I wish you and your family find peace some day the sun will bright for us god bless you

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