Lost love, or was love ever there?

by Marc

I met my wife 4 years ago, she was going through a divorce and soon after we started dating long distance, she became pregnant. We were so in love, had our first child, she got pregnant 10 weeks after the first and had another beautiful child. Over the next year, it was great. Soon she became depressed, got on medication, only to find Xanax. That combined with drinking brought her to a dark place and after spending the greatest Christmas ever in 2009, she attempted suicide out of the blue in early January. Baker acted, then came home and began drinking behind my back the first day! Put her in detox for a month and she seemed on a path of recovery.

She landed a great job and after 5 weeks there, she was seeing someone at work. I found out about it and we had a hard time working through it. A few months later, I found out about another person at her work and I had to call it quits. She took off with my children 2 and 3, and disappeared for 10 days.

I filed a motion to get my children back and the court system threw the book at her so to speak, considering the baker act, drinking, past substance abuse etc. She was completely a different person than what I was sold and has since moved on with her new lover less than a month after leaving.

She's told our friends that I am abusive, she feared for her life for her and the kids, all of these horrible lies. She's now completely in denial about everything, has lost her children, wearing a SCRAM bracelet and has completely moved on like it meant nothing.

I don't understand it fully yet, but I have come to the realization that she is very sick and she simply can't help it. I've found out so many things that took place that I didn't know about that I feel completely snowed through the whole marriage. Why? And for what reason does someone have children, allow people to grow to love them only to leave and step into the same patterns they've had their whole life?

I cannot speak on her behalf, but she knows she is ill and running, hiding from her past and her problems are the only thing she knows. It was truly a heartbreaking experience.

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