Lost love that left behind a wife and three young children

by Mrs. Lovoy
(Maryville, TN)

A loving husband, father, son, and friend

A loving husband, father, son, and friend

On June 15,2012 my husband got up and got ready for work. Nick was the love of my life. He came upstairs like normal at 5:40 am. told me he had decided to drive his motorcycle to work and for me to pack the car. We were leaving at 4:30 pm to go to Gatlinberge, TN for his moms and dads 40 wedding anniversary. He kissed me said " I Love You and I'll talk to you in a few hours." He pulled out of our driveway at 5:45 am he was on South Hall Rd getting ready to merge on Alcoa Highway when a truck driver made a left u-turn from the far right hand lane. My husband was then hit and killed when the tires ran him over. My mother in law was up at 7:30 am that morning to get the rest of the things she needed for the weekend. When she heard and saw her son and my husband's motorcycle and his body covered on tv. She came to my house and I had someone sit with our three kids and I headed to the highway where my worse dream came true. It was Nick 25 years old dead. They left him laying on the side of the road for over four hours. I didn't know what to do. I am so empty our children cry for him from the time they get up till they cry themselves to sleep. I was 23 years old when I planned my husband funereal and bury him. No one should ever have to go thru this. If I would have never drove to the site of the accident I would have not known he was dead till lunch time. My family died that day on the side of the highway. I hope the man that did this feels horrible and that one day he will have the respect to sit down with my kids and tell them that he is the reason their daddy didn't come home. My kids are now with out a daddy and they are so young my oldest will be 6 in September, my boy will be 3 in October, and my baby will be 2 in Jan. How is anyone suppose to live without the love of their life?

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Sep 07, 2012
by: Tunisia

There aren't words to express my condolences to you and your babies. I pray for peace of mind for you all.

Aug 22, 2012
I'm so sorry...
by: Anonymous

What happened to your husband is inexcuseanble- but the way it was handled is appalling! Absolutely horrific!-I cna't even imagine ..."it". How else can I even say that? You and his mother- and 4 hrs on the side of the road- that's not .. I just can't imagine- I would have been screaming on the side of the road for 4 hrs- and I've lost 2 husbands-done alot and seen alot but NEVER seen or heard anything so horrific in my 58 yrs- you need to know, and oyu may not beleive this, but he is still with you and watching out for you all-call me crazy, but this has really happened and I think it might help you some- my 1st husband dropped dead in front of me with a heart attack- and I dream about him- he told me our dog was sick and the vet said how do you know he's sick? and I had to tell him- turns out, the dog had heartworms and would have died- he even woke me up in a dream saying "get up now!" when we were going to be late to my 2nd husband's cancer treatment-
and then the 2nd husband fixed my toilet- what? yes he did- he was a plumber and it was last Christmas and the potty kept running and I was alone so I just said "Dave, you're just gonna have to fix that"- stopped right them- and he fixed our niece's bathtub- and when I left the cemetery after eating w/ his family (our family) Thanksgiving, my nephew wanted something Dave had written- when I got home- I thought I'd seen it all- but in a notebook, he wrote
"in war the dead don't cry, those who are still alive do"
...He was a 100% disabled Vietnam vet- and so I made a sheet with that across the top and some pictures of him in uniform and gave one to each nephew and niece- and said- your Uncle Dave wants you to know, his battle is over (he had cancer) and he's not fighting anymore- he knows we are crying and he's sorry and wishes we wouldn't but we still are.
and we still are and we assert our right to be grieving over our loss because he meant so much to us- as I am sure your handsome husband meant everything to you
call me crazy, but you watch and see.... he's still there for you.. not the way you'd want him to be.. but he is as best as he can.. watch and be receptive.. it won't ever reconcile the extreme anguish you are going thru... but I pray it will help you all some. God keep you close and give you strength each day, one moment at a time

Aug 20, 2012
Lost love that left behind a wife and 3 young children
by: Doreen U.K.

Dear Mrs. Lovoy I am sorry for your loss of your very young husband. What a terrible tragedy for everyone. I can't imagine how you feel being such a young widow with 3 very small dependent children. You will need so much support in the days ahead and ongoing. I hope you have this in place already. I am feeling very sad for you. I lost my husband 3 months ago of a deadly cancer. I have been a widow for 3 months. So I know how you feel. I was married 44yrs. The pain is like nothing on earth. You have a diversion in looking after 3 very young dependant children. You must make sure that you have time out for yourself. If you are so busy you will store up your grief and it won't go anywhere but deep down inside you and make yourself ill. You need to take care of YOU. Especially as 3 young children are dependent on you. If you need to see a grief counsellor then do this as it will give you the space and time to go through each day better. I feel so angry that someone could be so careless as to cause an accident and not care about the outcome. In England road traffic accidents are treated with great severity and carries a prison sentence. A recent story told of an immigrant travelling down the freeway on the wrong side of the road. The same side as oncoming traffic. 3 very clever road truck drivers came together and blocked off this dangerous truck forcing him to stop. These 3 men saved an accident that could have been fatal. This man was given an 8 month prison sentence. There is a laxness in the law that does not punish people according to the crime (fellany). I do hope you get justice. I do hope your children do get the support they need to help them cope with the loss of their dad. and for you the loss of a husband.

Aug 19, 2012
Lost Love
by: Anonymous

Oh dear!
I deeply feel for you, I know what that horrible call is all about. I wish I could tell you it is easy because it is not. I encourage you not give up in bringing to justice the person who ran over him, do it for him and for many other riders that loose their lives in the hands of irresponsible drivers. We need laws that protect them ,they too have the right to be on the road, but irresponsible drivers do not think the same way. Gather your strength and fight for your husband your kids and you. My heart pounds thinking of you the kids and his parents, i know what it feels to loose a brother to an irresponsible woman text messaging; and my son to an irresponsible 80 y/o with macular degenerative disease which made her legally blind and she was still driving. What can I say all I do is pray that laws will change and that we together can increase awareness.
May you have comfort in this difficult days
Kindly, Sendy

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