lost my 16 year old son

by Peggy Rickard
(Lewiston NY USA)

It was Jan 9th 2013 when the doctors said my son was brain dead. He had seizures for 4 years. No one told me he could die from it. I found him on his bedroom floor and he was barely breating. I was so sure they could save him. The doctors tried to tell me and I got so angry as I was praying for a miracle. That miracle never came. He was 16 and my baby and he was the light of my life. I dont know how I will get through. We needed him more than he needed us.

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Apr 03, 2013
My son also died from seizures
by: Donna

I really feel your pain. My 21 year old son Phillip died on Feb. 12, 2013 from seizures. He had them since 2010 and they were uncontrolled. He so wanted to get healthy. The physicians didn't tell us either that he could die from these. He died in the middle of the night. I am still waiting on the official autopsy report. My heart is breaking so much and I don't know what to do anymore. I have to find a way to carry on for my other son. This is the worst feeling a mother could ever imagine going through. We shouldn't have to be burying our children.

Mar 10, 2013
lost without my child.
by: Charlotte

my 19 year old daughter died on Feb 20th 2013... we buried her after an amazing, loving service that was just about her. Gemma had type 1 diabetes since the age of 4 and epilepsy since she was 6. The post mortem couldn't produce conclusive results but her death is related to her brain and more than likely the epilepsy. I have absolutely no anger about her death, something in my heart told me a while ago that she would never grow old. It's "mother's day" today in the UK, my two teenage daughters have included Gemma's name in what they have given me. How do I get over this feeling that I have such a huge hole in my life and in my heart? I feel the need to go to her grave everyday. .. I have to go back to work tomorrow... I can go on my half hour break because my office is across the road from the church. how do I concentrate when I just want to be at home ?

Feb 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thankyou for sharing about your sons. I am so lost and sad.I feel like I lost who I am. My baby was special-he was so sweet and kind. He loved the outdoors and his dodgeball team. I wish the Lord would give me an answer.

Feb 10, 2013
by: Sweet Aaron's Mama

Peggy........I lost my Aaron on Nov. 24th, and I am still in disbelief. I turn left and I turn right, and I can't believe he's gone. I'm like you in that I needed my son, more than he needed me, and that's how Aaron wanted it. He was 32 years old. I am so so very sorry for your loss and I understand your pain and aching heart. One foot in front of the other, baby steps. Try not to expect too much out of yourself right now. It's so horrible for all of us here because we ALL know what the other is feeling. So many wonderful sons, we have lost here. Take care dear. Sending good thoughts your way.

Feb 10, 2013
Your son
by: Kate

I know this is a huge shock . I lost my son inNov. He was 39. We love our child in depth no matter that age and the loss is tremendous! I don't know answers just go one moment at a time. It is so hard.we all on here share pain and sorrow. We understand the great loss and care. I am so sorry you had to know this depth of loss.

Feb 10, 2013
I understand
by: Carol, Seans Mom

I am so sorry for your loss. I do understand praying for that miracle and never getting it. I lost my son on November 15,2011. He didn't get up for work and our nightmare started. He was on life support for a day and I prayed and prayed. They called his death the Perfect Storm. Sean should not have died but he did. I don't know how to deal with this over fourteen months later. Life is cruel and unfair. This just took me by such surprise I can't figure out my life now. I have two girls to live for but I am a very broken woman. I know your pain and I want you to know you are not alone..

Feb 10, 2013
lost my 16 year old son
by: Doreen U.K.

Peggy I am sorry for your loss of your young son at 16yrs. of age. See a grief counsellor. The death of a child is such a difficult death to recover from that almost all losses need this type of support.
Just like you I prayed in desperation for a miracle for my dying husband of 44yrs. I sat at his bedside with HOPE God would HEAL him. God didn't. I was angry. Let down. It is such a horrible feeling of sheer desperation to find you are losing someone you love and you can't save them. It is the worst feeling ever. Even if we can lift each other up and comfort each other we still have to go through this journey alone till we find the Healing from this loss. May the Comfort and Peace of God surround you now and in the months ahead.

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