Lost my brother, the coolest person on earth!

by Diego Escobar
(Colombia, Popayan)

I lost my brother two weeks ago, he was only 26 and died from a heart attack “Sudden death” the doctor said, I’m 28…I just can’t find an explanation for this situation, the sadness is absolute and infinite, honestly I don’t know how a person can overcome this suffering. Everything hurts at these moments, going to sleep hurts, waking up hurts, trying to get back to work hurts, watching TV hurts…just being alive hurts. At this moment I just want to shot myself, but just the promise I made to my brother stop me from doing it, my brother has a little son he is 8 years old, once by brother told me in kid of joking “hey man if I died someday you have to take care of Juan” and I reply “sure bro count with that”…I never imagine I will have to honor that promise someday, but I will, I have to.

My brother (Ruben) was the coolest person on earth he was multifaceted; first of all he was the most successful ladies’ man I have ever met, no girl in the neighborhood could scape to his charm LOL…awesome friend, he was always there for everyone; musician, he loved to play guitar seventh months ago I gave him a Diamond Sketcher pro guitar, he told me “bro this is the happiest day of my life”…I just can’t conceived my future without him, we always talk about music, movies, girls, even philosophy…I feel so devastated. My brother always believed in “energy concept” as they called it, he used to say “we are all energy, I’m energy…if someday I leave this world my energy will stay” I don’t know why he always said that, it’s like he knew…well brother let me tell you that you were right, your energy is still in this house, in my hearth, in the air I breath, in the wind, in the sun that warm my face…you are everywhere.

I would like to see you one more time bro, but for that I will have to die too, but guess what I made you a promise, and I will honor it, for you and for all the happiness you bring to my life…I will see you in the eternity, but not yet, not yet…I have a promise to keep.

Your brother, Diego.

If someone ever read this and have gone through this situation, I would appreciate any advice you can give me. This is my e-mail: descobarledesma@gmail.com

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Jun 16, 2013
Your brother
by: Kate

I can see the deep love you have for your brother Diego,
In your writing and the energy part is an awesome comfort Reuben left you with,plus his boy. It is hard but you will make it.
Thank you for sharing. I'm a mother who lost her 39 yr old son 7 months ago. It's a nightmare when it come. May God help you heal.

Jun 29, 2012
Thanks for share...
by: Wilson Semanate

Hi Diego.

All the things that you are building now are very important for you and your family, you are very brave facing your pain. This isn´t easy but all your pain can be removed with your love for your brother, with the love of your family.. Continue step by step living and healing.. slowly.

See you.

Jun 21, 2012
So sorry for your loss
by: Cathy

Hi Diego I am so sorry for your loss, i dont why such things happen, my eldest son was 21 he just collapsed had a massive heart attack same sudden death it is really very shocking. you cannot forget them you remember their words smile all the things they used to do it is difficult, a few days before his death my son was talking to me he told me mama lets shift somewhere else this place is not good you dont know what is happening here, maybe god makes them talk like that to make us aware and those words haunt you for life, i have three other kids i just want to do my duties here on earth and be with my son i loved him very much, god bless you .

Jun 18, 2012
Thanks Doreen
by: Diego

Hi Doreen, I really appreciated your comment…it is good to know there’s people out there who truly understands this kind of pain, reading all the post in this site also had relieved me a little, it is good to know I’m not alone in this journey…hope someday we all can smile to life once again, I wish you all the best.

Jun 17, 2012
Lost my brother Ruben so young 26yrs
by: Doreen England U.K.

Hi Diego Escobar,
What a beautiful name. I am so very sorry for your loss of your young brother. You wrote a lovely account of your life and described well your feelings. This is true grief. When you wake up you hurt, when you sleep you hurt. It hurts all the time and will go on for a long time. Sadly we have to get through the pain which is why we have to feel it.
Brother's share a history and you both had a very rich history that was cut short. You will of course get the chance now to bring up your nephew and build up that bond with your nephew that you lost with your brother. Life is so fragile and none of us knows when our life will be cut short. WE nevertheless go on each day as if we have forever and then a loss like this jolts us into reality that we actually don't know what life holds for each of us. Make the most of your life from now on. Give time to grieve your brother and build up that relationship with your nephew. You have a reason to go on in life for your nephew. All of us who face grief wish we could have died with our loved one who is gone. This is normal and will change with time. I lost my husband 6 weeks ago and I don't want to go on anymore as life has changed forever. Life makes no sense when you lose a loved one. It hurts to see people go on in life and make plans and enjoy what they are doing whilst you are hurting so much you could explode. ~ But this too is part of grieving. Hurting to see people happy around you whilst you are sorrowing.
I wish you all the best for the future life and be patient in grief.

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