Lost my Dad after trying to do cpr on him.

by Darrell S.
(West Blocton,Alabama)

On may 22nd 2014 my daddy passed away at the age of 77.I am disabled and live with my family next door in a rural country area. Before his death I had been spending the night at my parents home because he was just put on oxygen.
The day of his death I had taken my mother to her doctor for a check-up she is 78 and can not drive. When we arrived back to their home daddy was sitting on the front porch and asked "what do I owe you?" I replied nothing daddy that's what kids are for.
I then helped him back inside the house.. where he
told me to go home and get some rest and that he would be fine.
This is where I can not forgive myself. I did as he
asked and went back to my home next door. That night at 1:30 am my door bell rang and my wife sprang up from bed to see my mother standing in her nightgown and cane saying that she couldn't wake daddy.
I have had four back surgeries and moved as quickly as possible to help my daddy at his home while my wife dialed 911.
When I arrived daddy was in his recliner in the living room with his eyes shut and mouth open.. I could still feel his warm skin and sweat on his head.
immediately I started cpr on him with the recliner laid back.. seconds later my wife came through the door speaking to 911 and I was told to put him in the floor..so I grabbed his ankles and pulled him into the floor.. I can remember begging and crying between breaths for him to wake up.. minutes later a policeman and a neighbor came in to help me work on daddy.. the ambulance didn't arrive for 22 minutes due to our location.. when they arrived they placed pads on him and for a second it beeped.. I said thank god.. only to be told it beeped because of the movement of foot steps on the floor.
when the paramedic looked at me and shook his head no.. I screamed as loud as I could at heaven to daddy that I loved him and fell to my knees praying that he be safe in Jesus arms. My mother came into the room shortly after and laid by my daddy gently rubbing his head and kissing him goodbye.. To me my daddy was also my best friend.. we shared our life together good and bad. He never told me I'm to busy or I don't know, He always had time for me loved my mother and my family
when he would here of anyone needing help he would try to do so and he respected everyone he met.
I have recently had a stress test done and now I have to have a stint placed in my heart Monday.. I tested positive for cardiac enzymes...the doctor told my wife that both of us could have left that day.. I know there are others out there that love their daddy as much as I do or even more please try not to harm yourself with grief.
With Love to anyone who is grieving

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Jun 12, 2014
Me too
by: jade

Hey there...I know what you meant ---my daddy is 74, today. And I love him just like I was the little girl he used to hug. So, when you talked about anyone who loves their daddy like you--I could relate. I'm sorry you lost your daddy, and I'll be really sorry when I lose mine. I've asked God for 99 years...and you know how God is--sometimes He gives it to you, sometimes He don't.

God bless, keep the faith, fight the good fight and someday, maybe you'll remember your daddy in Heaven--I don't know if we do or not...but I hope you do if its possible.

PS: I'm glad you had a good daddy---there are so many bad people in this Satan's world today.


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