Lost My Dad due to IPF , Last Month

by Anthony Raj Aralappa

It was a agony like we never experienced in our life.
Wonderful healthy , strong and Loving Dad was diagnosed with IPF a rare lung disease which was not curable.
My Dad Passed away 3yrs after the diagnosis.

My Dad , Aralappa was a strong , healthy, Peace loving person . May be God had a different assignment for him.

Not sure why he got this disease , after the diagnosis of this disease he had small health issues but never stopped working. But last month he finished all the renovation work at home and had severe pain in his hands . He left to visit the St.Anthony's Shrine in Mysore and he gave me a call on the way from my sisters place.
His Voice Sounded serious. I know the disease and i was helpless and did not have any idea what to do apart from praying to God.
He came back from St.Anthony's shrine and his body pain got severe and he was getting breathless and very tired , in next 3 days he was admitted in the hospital.
I am not finding any words to explain the pain that we all saw our dad suffering in the ICU for 3 weeks.
Every Tuesday he used to be getting still more serious not sure if he wanted or God wanted him Leave this World on that Day. He had a great faith in St.Anthony.
The agony of our dead with Oxygen mask every day his lungs getting week , getting tired , increasing the oxygen , not able to take the food , still getting tired , we could not see the suffering our beloved Father was going through.
My heart cried with no sound and no tears in the Eye and was asking God , what is happening to us.
Even with all this My Dad was telling us to pray at home and leave the hospital and go home at night and take rest.
God's Creation is a great Surprise , He give us such a wonderful gift and dad's love for us will never get empty and God takes him in the way he wants.
Why is this pain to human kind , that is the question on my mind and the answer is we cannot do anything but to trust and wait for his direction.
I would like to thank my Dad if he is listening to Me , i would like to tell him that i loved him a lot.
We both never expressed but we did everything that is required for our family.
I really do not know in my life what to do with my Dad not here with us . It is a great Loss to our family . i can never stop writing . These days now it is close to 2 months , Missing my Dad very much. I cry when i go in the Car , when i Pray . Let God Grant Peace to My Dad. And I wish God blessed My dad for all his Good Work.


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Sep 05, 2014
Lost My Dad due to IPF, Last Month
by: Doreen UK

Anthony I am so sorry for your loss of your Dad. I lost my husband of 44yrs. to a deadly lung cancer 2yrs. ago. He got his cancer from his environment by cutting asbestos. He had a painful cancer journey. I cared for him for 3yrs.39days before he died. I had to give him oxygen and a nebulizer also to help him to breathe. Now I am suffering a lung disease and can't breathe, and had to have oxygen. We are living in a very polluted environment and it is a contributing factor to lung disease. A father is the protector of his family and when he dies it can leave us all very insecure. A man works hard all his life for his family and then he dies. This is a sad fact that many men are dying younger and faster. The best way forward is by TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. I have a strong Faith in God and this gets me through each day. God has a plan for all our lives, and God takes us back to himself when we die. This is our comfort and strength. You will see your dad again. Hold onto this HOPE.

Sep 04, 2014
Your Dad
by: rhonda

I understand Anthony so hard to watch the pillar of your family sick>i bet God has been a assignment for your DAD xoxoxo rhonda

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