lost my dad on my birthday.

by sabina sitto
(madison heights,mi)

Nine months ago on march 18th 2012...my birthday I suddenly. Lost my dad to complications from massive heart attack. Four days prior ..daddy pulled out his gorgeous honda shadow motorcycle ..amazingly warm out that week...crazy bc we live in michigan..he drove into work on it, didn't feel too well and asked to leave work..his co worker and best friend drove him home..my dad had a sudden heart attack and was driven by ambulance for emergency surgery to clear blockage and place a stint..surgery was a success and he was recovering and fell into a coma for four days..he started to wake up from his coma and we were all there as a family and we talked to him kissed him...and massaged his feet...he all of a sudden took a turn for the worse and was having kidney failure...and congestive heart failure again...I prayed to god for him to live.....I loved daddy more than life itself...I'm 29 and will never forget how tragic it was to watch them vive him 7 times and he wasn't surviving on his own without being bagged...I can still hear his ribs cracking and breaking from the compression he was only 61...he died that day as soon as they stopped bagging his lungs.I was holding his hand...ill never ever heal from this it seems...I'm dying more and more by the day.

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Dec 08, 2012
lost my dad on my birthday
by: sabina

Thank u so much for the kind words...I'm in isolation..bc my mom, brother ,and sister...are not speaking to me.they have made really bad..disgraceful decisions since my dads passing. I couldn't raise my three kids around the life that they chose...so its just my lil family now...very lonely not being able to call ur mom..who lives 7 blocks away.n to have ur family separate like so after a death..its terrible...but thanks for commenting I appreciate it..:-)

Dec 08, 2012
lost my dad on my birthday
by: Doreen U.K.

Sabina I am sorry for your loss of your Dad on your birthday. What an awfull birthday for you. In all your birthdays to come you will be re-reminded of your loss of your dad. This is a terrible anniversary for you.
We all need our fathers and to lose them is just the pits. After losing a significant loved one the very atmosphere of life changes. We feel as if we are in Limbo, and will never ever recover. I lost my husband 7 months ago and Life will never ever be the same again for me. I can't get over 44yrs. together quickly. I can't change my life and lose these memories. They are precious to me. I don't want to make new memories. I liked the ones I had. This is a lifetime. A whole lifetime lost. You will recover from your grief Sabina, and you will be able to move forward and make your own life at 29yrs. of age you have your whole life in front of you. But you have to grieve your loss of your father. There is no easy way around this for any of us. It is important for you to not live in isolation but to go out and make friends and meet new people when you are ready. you are young. I hope you have a supportive family to help you through your grief and loss as this helps so much.

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