Lost my Dad to a Brutal murder

by C.S.

I was only 17 years old when I lost my dad on August 31st, 2012. I have all kinds of regrets that no one could ever understand, because my life as a whole is very complicated (from birth).
That Friday morning at about 4am I got a call from my mom saying my dad's house was robbed and they tied up my 14 year old little brother, and stabbed my dad They told us to stay in our vehicles, because their were more bad people on the ground. All I could feel was sadness and anger going thru my body. I didn't know how to react, what to say, or do. The police told me and my mom that my brother and sister were okay, but my dad was taken to a hospital. I spent almost 3 hours calling around trying to find what hospital he was at and what state of condition he was in. Its was so frustrating not being able to find him.
When we finally got to the hospital the police finally informed us of, the tried to tell us that he wasn't there, when indeed he was. He died at 7:58am Friday morning of August 31st, 2012. My mom was waiting on me to get back to the hospital so I could see my dad's body one last time before they took him to the back. He was so cold and so yellow like the life was just drained from him. I could see all the wounds from where those 3 people had stabbed him OVER 30 times, literally from head to toe. I have a lot of anger, regret, and sorrow that is unlike what people call "normal". I know that because not everyone's life is the same, not every father/daughter relationship is the same. NO one will ever know how I truly feel, they might understand, but they will never know what I feel like until they've been in my shoes.

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Oct 22, 2014
Lost my dad to murder. Robbery break in
by: Dillyn

On March 2nd 2014 around 5:30 am I was informed by my mom face to face that my dad was dead. Not only dead but shot and killed Bc of a break in 2 days earlier feb27th 2014. I didn't know how to feel at the very second I saw my moms face as soon as she said the words shot and killed. We both just sat and cried until 5 min later the phone rings. The police department was calling to ask my mom and I to come in for questioning. I didn't have any more time to think. I was sitting in a room with 2 detectives questioning me about my dad literally 30 min before I had just found out he was murdered. Shot in the head with shot gun they had to use dental records to identify him. Here I am almost 8 months later. It's still very hard. They found the muderer 1 week after his death. So I did have a little closure. Idk I just still to this day want to yell to the top of my lungs and break everything but I don't I try and block it out bc I don't want to feel like this anymore.

Nov 07, 2012
Me too
by: Anonymous

My Dad was murdered in July this year, completely innocent like yours. I'm having a really difficult day today but I know exactly how you feel, I've been there unfortunately. I just want you to know you aren't alone, and I'm praying for you to be ok x

Nov 01, 2012
loss of a parent
by: missy

im sorry for ur loss i can say this i know the pain of lossing ur dad i just lost mines sept 2012 but not to murder. but i will say this all that u are feeling is ok be all those feeling u have that right to feel the way u do i dont know what is lose a parent they way u did but i can say my daughter was 14 yrs old when her father was murder he was shot in the street he died instantly she was devasted she is still not over it and she is now 22yrs old as time went by she became ok the man who killed her dad beat the charges due to some things but the dad did tell her he was sorry and that he knew he could not bring back her dad she was like thank u to this day no matter where he see her he stops just to see how she is doing she took her grief and did an event to help peolpe who love one were murder she deciated it to him even now she still not over it but she keeps livivng and say he still with me god bless u and keep u in faith i dont know u but i want to say i love u and keep strong

Nov 01, 2012
Lost my Dad to a Brutal murder
by: Doreen U.K.

CS I am deeply sorry for your loss of your Dear Dad to murder. What an appalling EVIL VICIOUS ACT upon an innocent family man. My heart breaks for you and your family. I DON'T know how you FEEL. I can't begin to understand your pain and sorrow over your dad's death. You had a shock of a sudden death. You had the shock of the robbery. You had the frustration of not knowing what was going on for over 3 hours. You had the disappointment of NO INFORMATION and INCORRECT INFORMATION. When you needed to be treated with more respect. The Police seem to have dealt with formalities and sadly relatives get treated dismissively. You then had the pain of losing your dad when you could have been with him as soon as possible. A lot of time was lost. Vital time that would have made a difference to you. You then had to view the puncture wounds in your father's body where he was stabbed. I feel so ANGRY for you. I feel your PAIN. I hope you will consider counselling. This is so very important due to the nature of this type of death. You also need to get out of your system the horror of this death. My mind cannot comprehend how you all feel at this moment. My heart is broken for you all. I couldn't bear it if this happened to me. No one deserves to be treated this way. No person deserves to have such a horrible death as this. May God have MERCY AND COMPASSION on all of you. May God pour out his LOVE & PEACE on all of you as a family as you try to COPE with a very horrific experience. I don't know how you are going to go on in the days ahead but I hope you have other extended family and good friends to support you all in a strong way hold you up, so you get through this tragedy.

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