Lost my dad to liver cancer

by Stella
(Los Angeles, ca)

My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer in April, 2009. We took him to treatment but he was at stage 4, so it was nearly impossible to get rid of the cancer. My father died November 4th 2009. He was only 60.

I'll never forget that day. I basically saw my dad take his last breath in front of me and within seconds, he was gone. He died in his own bed with all of us around him.

It has been so difficult to deal with it. I cry every other day and I find myself going into depression. My mom is not the same because my parents were the perfect couple. My dad was everything to me and in some ways I was his little girl.

I am so angry, I don't know how to deal with things and just recently my boyfriend and I broke up after 5 years. I have lost myself and I don't know how to find myself. I have been trying to go out with friends, gym, etc, but nothing seems to be working. I am so lonely and I don't know what to do.

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Sep 14, 2012
so sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear about the grief. I lost my father to cancer 5 months back and can understand the grief. I not only lost my best friend, it seems I am also loosing my mind. Suddenly, its a lonely and difficult world - shows what a father can shield you from!

Apr 27, 2012
lost my dad liver cancer
by: Anonymous

i just lost my best friend, my dad to his 1 year battle to a tumor on his liver. its only been a week and a half. i think its getting harder as the days go by, not hearing his voice. i loved him so much ,and pray he knew how much i will always love him

Oct 12, 2010
I Lost My Dad in May
by: Daddy's Girl

I lost my dad in May, 2010 to colon cancer that had spread to his liver.

He was 85, but he was my last parent. I am not married and I have no children. I am so lonely for a male in my life.

I didn't live close to my dad but I always knew if I got into a jam he would do whatever he could to help me.

I miss him so much and the hardest part is everybody else forgets and I feel like I am bringing other people down by mentioning it so I just keep quiet about my pain.

If you have any words of wisdom for me I would appreciate them very much.

Daddy's Girl

Jan 30, 2010
Angle Above
by: Anonymous

Stella, firstly my condolences on the loss of your father. I too lost dad in Aug 2009, a few weeks after being told he was ill. You need to deal with your feelings, not hide them, as you will just explode one day (as I did)!! Not worth the heartache, let me tell you.

Maybe seek some help externally to find a way to deal with your feelings. Hopefully your boyfriend may see what enormous stress you & your family are going through later on; don't give up, there is still hope to rekindle that relationship, but firstly you need to work on your self healing.

I wish you all the best Stella, and keep your father's fond memories in your heart.

Jan 29, 2010
I'm Sorry for you Loss
by: Terri R

Dear Friend....Just read your blog about losing your dear father. I feel your pain as I lost both my parents in 2008. First my mom on 3/9/08 then my dad 4/13/08.

Try to surround yourself with supportive, positive people who will help you through this. I am very fortunate to have a large, extended family and many of them are local. Also, my church has been so supportive throughout my parents' illnesses and the difficult time after their passings.

I will pray for you. You have to go through the grief. It is not easy.

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