lost my dad to osophagus cancer 2013

by irene

My dad died 12 12 2013 he put up a fight that's for sure.He only went to the doctors because he had a sore throat and found it hard to swallow got loads of tests done scans ect.When my dad told us he had osophagus cancer back in may we were all devastated could not take in in not my dad but yeah dealt the bad cards my dad.here never moaned or felt sorry for him self extremely brave in front of all of us.But I was not brave I would cry a lot in front of him knowing one day don't know when that horrid cancer gonna kill my dad.to wards the end he lost a load of weight could not swallow had a stent fittied did not make any difference neither did his radio therapy so sad none of my family can handle my dad gone for ever my poor mum without her husband he was only 66 they been married for 40 years.Please if you have any comforting words to say or you have been threw the same as me please reply

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Jan 23, 2014
dad lived to morning of dec 17, 2103
by: howard

Dad had esophagus and stomach cancer. Although I do not believe in an organized religion, I believe that our dad's have been reunited with their own families in heaven.

Dec 31, 2013
grieving for my lovely dad who had the cruel cancer
by: nicola

Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss! My dad was diagnosed with osophagus cancer 18 months ago, he went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He went through **** it spread to his liver in the end, and got told he had weeks left....well he died 6th november 2013, 2 months after saying he had weeks, he was 67. I am devastated and cant get over the pain he was in. so i know what you are going through xxxxxxx

Sep 08, 2013
by: irene

Sorry every one I just noticed I put the wrong date in my dad passed over 12.12.12 silly me I know this site will be reassuring and help me greatly threw my grief.it's so sad cancer taking loads of life's our precious loved ones so sad

Sep 08, 2013
lost my dad to asophogus cancer 2013
by: Doreen U.K.

Irene I am sorry for your loss of your Dad. Our world falls down when we hear that awful news of Cancer.
My husband of 44yrs. was diagnosed with an inoperable, incurable, aggressive terminal cancer caused by working with ASBESTOS in the workplace. He cut asbestos as a carpenter. He was a young man in his 20's. The fibres of this deadly material lodged in his lungs and started a slow growing tumour which takes 40-60yrs. to develop. He was 65yrs. of age. Died a slow painful death over 3yrs.39days. I nursed him all this time hurt by seeing him die slowly. He died 16 months ago 16 days before his 66th birthday. He didn't get the chance to retire from working hard for 47yrs. of his working life.
Your mother will be in the same place as me grieving the loss of a husband.
Grief is a hard cross to bear as the pain is so very difficult to deal with over weeks, months, and even into years. You can't live with someone for so many years and be bonded in a relationship and get over their death soon.
If anyone in your family is struggling with grief you could get good support from a grief counsellor trained to help families cope with grief. Often we can get stuck in grief and not be able to move forward in time and the grief will be prolonged for even years. crying is the best part of grief so don't stop this coming. After each crying session you will get stronger and Healing will take place. Good support from family and friends is very beneficial at this time. Don't let anyone tell you that after the funeral you should be getting better and over your loss. This is not true. This statement will make your grief harder and longer. Only those who know what grief is will understand it takes a long time. You can even keep a journal and write in this all your feelings and thoughts of your dad and tell him in your writing how much you miss him and what his death has done to the family. Let him know you love him. You can even write letters to him. This is also a very therapeutic way of dealing with grief and getting pain out of your system. You will find out what works for you. TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME. This is how we all get through grief as the healing process is slow. Photos, songs, certain foods, will all act as triggers and you may find yourself crying. this is normal but painful memories. Memories will change over time. TIME is all we have to heal from our loss. I hope this help you understand the aspects of grief. May God comfort you all and give you His Peace.

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