lost my darling mom 5 days ago on April 20,2012

by Shanti

My mom and I were always very close. We are 5 sisters and one brother We are from India, but I moved to Canada 20 years ago. My mom stayed with me in Canada for 3 1/2 years and later on just for 6 months when we got into fight. My father who I do not like us at all, never loved his 5 daughters and loved only his son (my brother). My mom who loved my brother and my dad more than me, decided to be with them as she has been married for over 62 years. May 1 next week is their wedding anniversary. Upon reaching India, my father, brother, and his wife abused mom, physically, fianancially and mentally finally she died in Apollo hosptial in India after suffering badly. I moved to India also to bring her with me to another city in India itself away from papa and brother, but she refused, it was in August later she had hypertension,,, heart attack and her heart was very weak, her lungs, her kidney everything was effected badly. I rushed to the hospital and looked after her, brought her with me she stayed for 3 weeks and wanted to see again my brother and my papa who would not come to see her at my place. My brother who is greedy for property kept papa always with him and won't let him come to see my mom...I had to leave her again with them in Dec.papa who never loved my mom, put her again in the hosptial as she would not sleep whole night everyday..I reached to the hosptial when I found out after month and half about her illness, but she died in 3 days after I reached there. Now I am devastated, feeling guilty why I did not stop my mom? I had no idea that my brother and papa would abuse her to this extend, wish I did not let her leave Canada..I saw her dyeing like this, she had suffered too much..too many tubes, pipes, needles, machines all around her..she had bandages on her hands, feet, she opened her eyes on 17th they were all blue, she smiled looked at me, tried to make lips as kissing me and went in coma..never returned after that..

Now I am sleepless, would like to know where she is? if she has got a new birth? how could I find? She has not come in my dreams at all after her death...where is my mom?

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