Lost my father in a car accident, he is truly missed

by Torey Puff
(Wallkill, ny)

February 25, 2006 my 2 brothers my sister, my mother and I lost the most loving, caring, kind father/husband any one could ask for. He was killed on my sisters birthday at 10 a.m due to someone running a stop sign. At that time we were all young, I was 10 my sister turned 13 and my 2 brothers were 14 and 8. I regret staying at my friends house that night, if I were to only know that I would never see my father again I would have spent every second with him and tell him I loved him one last time. My mom came and picked me up that morning at my friends and brought me home. We were waiting for my dad to come home from dropping my sister off at a school study program that morning. My mom tried calling him to tell him to pick something up at the store but his phone would go straight to voicemail. At that time she started getting frustrated with him not answering the phone. Soon after two men in black suits asked my mom to come outside away from the kids, and so she did very confusingly. Me and my brother paid no attention to that and went back to watching tv. A few minutes later my mom came inside and brought my grandma into the other room. When they came out they looked upset and I had no idea why. Moments later my mom carried me upstairs where I found my brother crying in my dads office, I started to think to myself (it can't be my dad, I know he will be home soon, it has to be something else). My mom brought me into her room and sat me down, she started to say " dad has been in a very bad car accident"... She didn't have to say anything else. I knew. My reaction was me just screaming and crying calling out his name. I remember my grandma asking if I wanted anything and I persistently said "I want my dad" " I want my dad". A few hours later there were so many people at my house I was so overwhelmed. I remember my friend coming in trying to talk me and all I wanted was to be alone. I would constantly fall asleep and think it was a dream but when I woke up it was real. Ever since that horrible day thing haven't got any easier, I still think of him everyday and miss him more and more as the days go by. It's been 6 years and it feels like yesterday. I love him so much. I just wish I could tell him and give him a hug. I just want my dad back.

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Mar 20, 2012
by: Veni

I feel for you. I lost my dad less than 2 months back in a car accident. I know how it feels. You are way younger than me, so I know it hurts more. If I could, I would give you the biggest hug ever.


Feb 25, 2012
Lost my sister in car accident...
by: Geritt

I recently lost my sister and its just hell. Feels like massive weight on top of me, I cant stop thinking about the accident and her horrific death. I feel so bad for you. Take care of youself.

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