Lost my husband my best friend my one true love in minutes...

by MaryanneKinsey
(La Marque,Texas USA)

On January 6th my nightmare began...
It was on a friday morning around 4:00am I heared my husband in the bathroom throwing up I asked him if he was ok he came and got back into bed...He hugged me and told me that he loved me I told him I loved him too..He then asked me to cover him because he felt very cold So I covered him. He then started shaking and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. I ran and called 911 and came back to my husband's side and was hugging him telling him everything was going to be ok that help was on the way... I knew in my heart it was too late and he was already gone in minutes..... I was praying the whole way to the hospital and while at the hospital I didn't want to lose him... Well at 4:35am the doctore came and told us he was gone.... My world was broken.... I felt so sick and numb inside I didn't really know what I was going to do...
I lost my husband of 10 years 5 day's before our anniversary... I no longer have my best friend my one and only ...My one true love...

People keep telling me it will get easier and I will move on and meet someone else... ]
I don't ever see it happening I married him because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him I will never take my wedding rings of my finger... I miss him so much and I just want him back...

And to this day I still do not know the cause of death...

My heart is hurting so bad I never thought I would be widowed at 30 just seems so unfare he was so young...
But i'm greatful for 10 fantastic year's we had together...

How does one get over losing a spouse my mom has lost 2 husbands and I do not know how she is so strong:)

I feel like i'm falling apart my family tried to take me out for my birthday last night I cried most of the night . I feel close to my husband when I am in my home...
I made a memorial wall for him has his fishing thing's on it some poems me and his dad wrote.. His ashes and so on...

William Thomas Kinsey II I love you ...

You maybe gone but you will never be forgotten and you will never leave my heart....

our Song---Lonestar....AMAZED



I am glad I got to tell my husband I loved him....

I just feel so cold and alone and I want him so bad.....

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Mar 29, 2012
by: mrs arvayo

I read your story and i realy understand i lost the same as you my soulmate my best friend my everything . In 2006 i went in a coma for 30 days so i understand a bit more then others i was on a machine i wasnt breathing at all the machine kep me alive . I want you to understand somethings both of them are waiting for us and believe it or not we cause ourselves to have health prob. and hurt they want us to remember who they were not that they are gone most people dont understand but he can visit you if your heart calls for him in heaven our hearts are like a phone he knows all your thought if you allow him never say that hes dead allow his loving spirit to love you ,heaven is so loving so please remember sometimes you may hear a song only you know and him know or you may see a licence plate with a message listen to him he will guide you threw this life may love and peace be with you my friend love mrs arvayo

Mar 26, 2012
Lost my husband my best friend my one true love in minutes...
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel,My best friend,my love of my life,my soul mate,my husband,passed away on 2/23/2012.I still wear my wedding rings and always will,I left his on his finger when he passed on,I will never date or marry anyone,Me and my Husband will always be together forever until we meet again,We was married 29 years and 2 months,we have two grown children,and 6 grand children,we had so many plans ,and so many places we wanted to go,but now that is all gone,I am 46 and he was 58,I cry all the time ,I talk to him all day,and kiss his picture,and I sleep with his pillow and hug it all night,I go to his resting place everyday ,I miss him so much and Love him so much,I won't being celebrating my birthday this years,It would just be to sad since he won't be here with me,I haven't smiled since the day he passed,and not been happy since that day,I buried my heart that day with him,you can write me if you like,Denice

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