lost my mom at age 8

by chelsea

When i was 8 years old my mother died in a car accident i had a horrible dream that night (at age 21 i cant quite remember what it was about) i went to sleep on the couch hoping the environment change would make me feel better. i noticed my father was already sleeping on the couch and my mother wasnt home from her weekly dartball games. i brushed it off and tried to sleep on the loveseat. when i went to shut my eyes i heard a car pull into our driveway. excited it might be my mother i sat up. i than saw someone shining a light into our front door. that scared me. than i heard a knock at the door. i opened it. it was two state policeman. they asked if my mother lived there and if my father were home. i woke up my father and told him the cops were at our door. he told me to go upstairs to my bedroom. i did as he asked for a while. anxious to know what was going on i listened to what they were saying. i heard the policeman say "we think she swerved from a rock or a deer." i knew something was wrong. not long after the police left and my father came upstairs into my room. he was crying. I asked him if everything wask and he said no things are going to change a lot around here. i asked him why and he said its your mom...i asked if she was ok and he said "no she is dead" i hear that statement all the time. especially when im enjying time with my three year old daughter. and when i go see my dad every friday in prison . life is hard but it does go on

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Oct 06, 2012
lost my mom at age 8
by: Doreen U.K.

Chelsea I am sorry for your loss of you mom from a sudden death. At 8yrs. of age you were too young to process everything that was going on. You would have blocked out a lot so that you could cope with the shock of your mom's death. It may benefit you to see a psychologist/counsellor who would work with you at a deeper level to uncover your earliest fears and anxieties over this sudden death. Don't fear what may be uncovered. It is just that a deep fear of the unknown. Once this has been unlocked you will be free-er to go forward in life. I have done this and it is cathartic. You will feel relief. You may even be able to grieve as you should have. Be prepared for some bad times. But it will be worth it in the end. Your life is limited just now, it won't be after you do the grief work. I hope that you will be able to have the life you deserve and the freedom to go with it.

Oct 05, 2012
Finish the sentence?
by: Anonymous

Maybe when those traumatic words that no child should ever have to hear come creeping into your thoughts to steal your joy, you can calm your angst by finishing your dad's sentence. "She is dead . . . in the flesh, but her soul is with Jesus. And, one day, I will be reunited with her." . As a child of a chronically depressed mother, and a mother of small children myself, I really have to work at being in the driver's seat when it comes to my emotions. I have learned not to expect my joy to come from others in life, but from myself.

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