lost my sister to drug overdose

by monica manning

my baby sister was 20 years old when she died died june 1 2012 nt to long ago. we grew up in a very disfuctional family bt we always had each other and went through everything togehter. we grew up very fast experimented with drugs. which we shouldnt have bt monkey see monkey do. i have blame. but we also grew up in church and i know she was saved. so i know she was in a better place. she was a go getter she had a mental abusive long time boyfriend. he stole her car money all the time and got her to shoot up. she was a very strong person and kept everything inside of her. once she started shooting up its thats how she escaped, i was getting so mad at her well nt mad bt worried because i have had lots of friends that died from that. she wouldnt listen and it hurt her to know that i was hurting so she kept at it. she worked her butt off working all the time to take care of her little girl lilly . i dont know ijust miss dearly. i found out i was pregnant about a month after she passed on and that was sad to be because she couldnt be there to experience it with me.

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Aug 07, 2012
lost my sister to drugh overdose
by: Barbara

I'm sooo sorry for your loss. Drugs have destroyed so many families. My daughter is a drug user with two little girls. She is 37 y/o and I have been trying to help her for 15 years. Now I don't know where she and my granddaughters are and it's killing me. I was in such denial because she was so beautiful inside and out and I didn't read the signs. She is an adult and she can do whatever she wants. I tried everything to no avail other than she turned against me and now I don't know where they are and I worry about my little babies. There are no words I can say to you to make you feel better other than TIME will make the grief subside but it returns in waves. There is never closure just pray for God to give you the grace it takes to overcome your loss. It can't be rushed there is many stages of grief to go thru and it's a struggle but it will get better. I personally wait everyday for a call for bad news to come and try to put it aside but I can't. Again, I'm sorry for your pain. And I will pray for you.

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