lost my sister

by Geritt

Jan 25th/2012. My sister who was only 43 years old, died in a very horrific car accident when she collided head on with a semi & trailer truck unit. I got the call @ 2 am from the police and went into shock; shaking and chills. I went to the accident site where only pieces of rubble remained, then to the police to pick up her stuff then to the hospital to identify her body. Her body was like nothing I'd ever seen, not even in a horror movie. I just feel sick and miss her so dearly. I especially feel bad for my mom who was closest to her. We were 5 years apart in age. I cant stop wandering about all aspects of the accident as I await reports from police and medical examiner.

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Feb 26, 2012
I lost my sister on Jan 26/2012
by: Anonymous

I did not have to go and identify my sister. I have in the past identified other members of my family and it has been one of the most difficult things in my life that I have had to do. My brother committed suicide January 25, 1979 and that was tough. When I knew that my sister was going to die. I just kept praying that God would not let her die on Jan 25. I did not want her death to be associated with the suicide death of my brother. They unplugged her machined on Jan. 25 at 11 pm and they said she would only live a couple of seconds, but she held on and died at 1:30 am Jan. 26 2012. Death is such a difficult thing to wrap your head around, at least for me. I have had a lot of people in my family die and it gets tougher each time. I live in one city and have no family members that live close by. It sounds like you have the luxury of having your mom close by so if you can love her like there is no tomorrow. Try to take care of yourself as best as you can. Share your thoughts, dreams, fears and hopes with anyone who will listen. For sure do not allow yourself to isolate or shut down. You sound like a very lovable person. So go out and love those around you. Remember your sister for who she was and not as you saw her when you had to identify her body. Nancy

Feb 25, 2012
Lost Sister
by: Helen

I can understand the loss of your sister, having to identify the body, coroners report, helping to organize the funeral etc. (see listing for Broken Heart -Helen for my grief dad dying suddenly and unexpectedly?))
Coping with your loss of a sister as well as trying to support your mother's grieving process, can become hard for you to watch. I'm finding with my sister, we both are grieving in different ways, and you may be finding this too, with your mother. I'm grieving outwardly, however my sister is holding it inwardly. I wish I could take hold of her hand and walk with her through the whole grieving process. I'm beginning to realise each of us can be supported by our loved ones who love us dearly, however they cannot take the heart ache and pain of grieving away. Be with your mother when you can and take the time to look after yourself and allow yourself to grieve.

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