Lost My Wife to Beast 2months back

by RP

We were happily married for 12 years and 5 months with two boys 10 and 5 . Life was going on fine till Sep 2011, when my wife "Sham" complained of severe upper abdomen pain.two days later she was diagonised Advanced Colon Cancer at the age f 35. . She was undergoing chemo for one year. There was a slight improvement for the first few months of chemo but she gradually started going down hill. Finally she left all of us alone on Oct 4 2012. No words to express the loss and vacuum . me and my kids are going through. Dont know why God has been so unfair to us. As most of them said here, the intensity of loss is only increasing with time.

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Dec 14, 2012
Wll we make it through this and be happy again?
by: S.Hatch

My heart goes out to you a million fold. Right now we all feel like we will never get better. As holidays come and go, we seem to stand in time and wonder what we will ever do with out our spouse, our support, our foundation.
I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I can still remember and feel my 2 months. It isn't any better now. In 17 days it will be a year. News Years Day. I wondered how I made it through this year. I can't remember being happy, or to look forward to anything. I miss his touch so much. This year has been something I can't describe and I can't feel anymore. My four adult sons don't get it. They feel I have had enough time to heal.

Hang on to your babies, talk to them about the family before this devastation. Listen and hug them. I still cry everyday several times most days. I hope one day there will be a calm for all of us. Someday where we can feel safe and prepared to move on. We all will have a plan someday. I am waiting for that some day.

Dec 13, 2012
To -- RP of India
by: Katy-- FROM --USA

So sorry for your loss of your lovely wife-
I too lost my husband on that same day, Oct 4th, 2012- I am so lost and heart broken I hurt so terribley much- so I know how you must feel...
My wondefful husband of 43 yeras- and high school sweetheart! went to work that morning and didn't come home, he colasped on the side walk in town, after work, that day about mid afternnon.
Died at the hospital of Heart related problems,
I too had stagt II colon cancer, I am well, thank God, over ten years now, I had surgery to remove half my colon and some lymphs,
Take care of yourself and your sons, God Bless.

Dec 13, 2012
Lost My Wife to Beast 2 months back
by: Doreen U.K.

RP I am sorry for your loss of your very young wife of 35yrs. to cancer. You will be sad and lonely for some time. I lost my husband to lung cancer 7 months ago. he died a slow death over 3yrs. I nursed him till he died at home which was his wish. He suffered greatly. I am sad and lonely and every day is a struggle. I have lost all quality of life now. It is very cold here in England so I will wait till the warmer weather comes. My heart is broken with unbearable pain at losing my husband of 44yrs. marriage. We had 3 Adult children grown up and living their own lives. I can be thankful my children had grown into Adults before losing their father. But I miss my husband so much I can't believe this. I ask God WHY? My husband spent his whole working life away from home. overseas and in this country. Now he was due to retire and spend time with me and his family he died. This is such a cruel happening. My heart will be BROKEN FOREVER. I hope that you have supportive family and friends to help you raise your two children now left without a mother. Make sure you talk to your children and hear them and their pain so they don't carry it for years. Children get forgotton when a mom or dad dies. May God comfort you in your sorrow and grief.

Dec 13, 2012
Sorry for your devastating loss
by: Cf

Dearest Chenna, I am so sorry to hear of your tremendous loss of a wife a mother to your children and your life's soulmate. I to lost someone suddenly with out warning to cancer with no sign of sickness before. My twin sister Katherine died 8/26/2011 and I suffer as you do but I am able to breathe now and go through the motions of my life . I think the boys will be a big help keeping you busy . I wish I had a magic wand I would wave it for you my friend. Just know you are not alone in this world or the next. May you find Peace for your heart and soul friend

Dec 13, 2012
Our Pain v/s Their Pain
by: Judith in California

RP, please understand God was kind. He knew she could not suffer anymore so he took her and ended her pain and suffering and took her to a peaceful place.

I never once blamed God for the loss of my husband but understood He was letting me know that one day soon in those 3 1/2 years He was going to take him. We have to learn to let go and let God. For He knows best. It doesn't make us miss them less but our suffering their loss is minimal to thier pain and suffering a terrible disease.

I said a prayer for you to gather strength to come to the acceptance and peaceful side of your grieving and to help your children to do the same.

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