Lost the love of my life

by Nanette Blastow
(Greensboro NC ,USA)

We married at a young age I was 15 and he was 18. He had joined the Army at 16 when his parents divorced and I was in foster care and had just went back to live with my mother. Ours lives passed when he was my next door neighbor and it was love at first sight. We married and had 3 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren. Our life goal was to make sure our children didn't go through what we had endured in life as children. We would have been married 40 years in Sept. He had got laid off and decided he would go back to truck driving and had been out on a delivery in Indiana when I get a call something bad was wrong. I ask what happen and they said the EMS would call the next call I got was from the Emergency room and them telling me he didn't make it. I was in shock I had just talked to him twice 20 minutes before this horrible news had come. He had no sign that anything was wrong. Said he loved me and would call when he was on the road again. Life is so precious.. I tell people today to always tell your loved ones you love them because tomorrow is never promised and it was proven to us. Alot of painful days I try to be strong because I know that is what he would want me to be but it is very difficult some days. I keep trying to move forward for my children and grandchildren I know they love me but it isn't the same has the loved I had with my husband. He is so dearly missed and not a minute goes by he is not on my mind.

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May 01, 2012
Lost the love of my life
by: Pat J

I also lost the love of my life. My husband of 46 years-our 46th wedding anniversary was June 26,2011. My husband died at 12:10 a.m. on June 27,2011, of a massive heart attack sitting on the side of our bed.
He was the love of my life and he always will be. I started dating him at the age of 15, married him right after I graduated in 1965. I graduated on the 29th of May and we were married on the 26th of June. I went from the security of my parents to the security of my husband. Now, I am learning to live for just me. I miss him terribly. I never imagined such grief. Our children keep telling me how strong I am, yet I don't really feel it, but I guess I am. My husband always told me I was a strong woman. Guess I am proving him right.
It was just 10 months last Friday, since he died. I still feel a part of me died with him. I am going on, but this life of mine now is a new life. I really don't like going on without him but that is what God has planned for me now.
I joined a grief support group through our church and I have developed a great friendship with three other widows we do things together and that helps, because my husband and I did everything together, so going places alone is not going to happen. I never ever went out to eat as much as I do now. My husband was a great cook and he didn't like going out to eat. I always told our kids to get him certificates for places to go eat at, because that was about the only time he would go out to eat. We were home-bodies and I miss the just sitting home together watching movies or working in our yard or playing cards. I oh so miss my old life. That life is forever gone, I am realizing that.
We who all who come and share at this site can so relate to our life forever changed. We will all make it, but the thing called our grief sure does have it's ups and downs.
This ache in our hearts will never go away. It may heal, but the scare is always going to be there and the least little thing can rip it open again.
Take it one day at a time; sometimes just moments at a time. I pray alot. My faith in a life after this, once again joining my husband is what I will wait for until God calls me to join my husband.
God Bless Everyone who shares at this site.

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