Lost to "dusting"

Our son Cameron died at age 22 on Nov 8, 2011. He had battled alcoholism and substance abuse (mainly Spice or K2) for two years. Prior to these problems, he was a bright, funny, gorgeous and talented kid. He raced motocross motorcycles since childhood, and had made it to a "pro" ranking. So many people loved and supported him in his life - a very good, happy childhood. He was attending college, but came back to live at home after living in an apartment with 5 guys. He came home with a K2 habit of every 1-2 hours around the clock and drinking. He began flying into rages where he punched holes in walls and tore doorframes right out of the wall. Screaming at us every obscenity. One night he jumped on his father and i called the police. He then began his legal problems. The police in our small town began knowing him as being "psychotic" from K2/bath salts / alcohol. He would sneak alcohol all day long, then sit in his truck smoking K2 and drinking all night (i wouldn't allow it in our home),even when it was so cold i thought he'd freeze.Cameron on 3 occasions went in to other people's homes thinking it was our home. He would be terrified, scream and run when he saw strangers yelling at him because he thought they were in his house. it's a small town - most people knew him as a good kid and our son. By some miracle, none pressed charges. He got drunk and rolled his car into the lobby of our local police station - his truck literally went flying through the wall and was in the lobby. Thank God no one was hurt. More legal dealings. He went to jail for 30 days when he walked to a convenience store to get beer when it was after his probation curfew. Got home from jail and got limited driving back. First night, he drove to the store, bought cleaner, huffed it at home alone - its called "dusting". His father found him dead face down in his bed when he went to pick him up for work. i came there and tried CPR, but he was gone. He'd suffocated on his own vomit and likely his heart failed. He'd been using it for a while, because it didn't show up in drug testing but he could still get high. Anything to get high. it was a sad, useless, lonely death for a beautiful, smart, special 22 year old "kid". We miss him beyond words. We had watched him in a slow death of everything he cared about, everything he was, every dream we had for him, spiraling downward in slow motion for 18 months. Beth

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Nov 24, 2013
by: savna Sykoranonymous

My son was 19 went to a ER. Dr. house on 5.27.13. The Dr. shot my son n killed him, he went to a wrong house, I hardly belevied until i read yr story. it is still a misery for me that my son went to a wrong home like yours, i am sorry and understand what we are going through, May we find peace and comfort from our Heavenly Father who is love and understand our sorrow. xoxo Savana

Sep 05, 2013
I am with you
by: Genevieve

My son passed away 5 months ago.He was 23. He used to smoke marijuana and party a lot.
He told me he changed his life around. He lived in Barcelona
I posted his story here.
I just want to say that I feel your pain!
Keep the good memories..the laughs..the baby he was..the joys he gave you...and forget the difficult days. I know it's hard..I try and I am not good at it..
Forgive him for his weakness..it's a disease to be addicted.
Never ever think otherwise and if ..I say IF people are not nice to you..ignore them..they are not worth your time.
He was your son and he loved you!

Sep 01, 2013
I am soooooo sorry !
by: ~~~LYNNE~~~

I just wanted to say, again..I AM SOOOO SORRY ! Pain is Pain and nothing takes it away right away, hang in there!

Aug 31, 2013
My Son was 31 for 7 days
by: Pamela LeMaster

Beth, my son was found in the same manner as yours......we are waiting for an autopsy (say up to 12 weeks) Rustie just passed August 10th...wooooo just don't know how? when? or why? to do anything...........

I am so so very sorry for your loss of your son...

I wish we (any that would care to ) could talk to each other......on this site......I just found it this evening..........God Bless all of us!!

Aug 30, 2013
Your son
by: Kate

Oh my gosh,I am so sorry. The world has so many crazy things kids can TRY now days and they do not realize that you can get hooked as your son did and loose their life.
I know your heart is in pain! you went through very traumatic times and losing your child in death is a pain only known by a parent that you wish on no one. We always have hope when they are with us,death is the final blow. We must believe that God has your son safe now. With affections for your hearts I write.

Aug 29, 2013
Oh my Gosh
by: Anonymous

We are sooo sorry for your loss. Its a terrible thing to be hooked on drugs. Again so sorry for your families loss.

Aug 29, 2013
Lost to "dusting"
by: Doreen U.K.

Beth I am sorry for your loss of your very young son. This must have been such a hard on going battle for you and your husband to see your son waste his life and break your hearts all the time worrying about his safety.
Parents rear their children in the hope they will make a good life and the parent be proud of them. But sadly our children are exposed to an environment that is not kind and can claim the lives of our Adult Children until they lose all sense of self when exposed to alcohol. Somewhere along the line your son lost his motivation and became used to his way of life not realising that it was killing him slowly and you and your husband having to watch from a distance all the time trying your best to rescue him.
Your son is at peace now. You and your husband's pain start here. Just don't beat yourself up for what has happened. Look for something in life that can give you back perspective and the Will to live in a way that will make your son's life valuable and meaningful. My nephew was depressed and threw himself in front of an express train. He was 30yrs. of age when he died 7 yrs. ago. Our grief is easier but still the loss is felt so much. You will never get over the loss of your son. But you can in time find a way to live with his loss with less raw grief and sorrow.

Aug 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

I know drugs just steal our children. I look back at pictures of my son when he was young, happy, carefree. If only drugs hadn't come along. The what if's. What's wrong with this country that we don't try harder to get drugs off the streets. The drugs are killing our young, beautiful children, and leaving heartbroken families. I know your boy was so good, and that the drugs made him do crazy stuff. But we remember the sweetness and kind lost souls that they were.

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