i cant do this anymore its been 6months of depression i feel i have no one and everyone is sick of hearing me im even sick of myself
the pain i feel is deep and hurts
he keeps blaming me for things his ex gf told him i did to her and i didnt he is ruining my reputation and ui just am weak
the crumbs he throws me are killing me now he met some one on line and is going away to meet her for the weekend on fri i cant bare the thought
no sleep no eat no nothing barely trying its so lonely and my hope is still strong..........................

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Jan 22, 2012
stay strong
by: Jillian

I remember when the love of my life left me over 8 years ago now. I still think of him often, hard not to with our matching "soul mates" tattoo on my ankle...and the memories of all the things we did together. He was my best friend. Unfortunately he was separated from his wife during our two years and when he asked her to make it final with a divorce she threatened to take his 3 children 1/2 way across the US if he didn't come back to her. Long story short, he did.

At first I couldn't work, sleep or eat. Friends came and sat with me at night. After a few weeks I went back to work and slowly began to heal. It took quiet a long time and I am sure my friends were tired of hearing me moan about him. So I began to write in a journal. I also wrote him many letters that I would say all I wanted to and then let burn. It slowly helped. I guess my best comfort was my children (not his) that kept me busy and functioning.

After the first year I decided to work on myself,go back to school and earn a degree. During that time I changed my career path, began doing what I loved and felt rewarding, even though I took a paycut and now struggle a bit more than I would like.

I recently (3 weeks ago) lost my younger brother and that is why I am on this site. While I am struggling with this I saw your post and just wanted to say stay strong. Don't let any man define who you are, your happiness or what you can achieve.

All my best,


Jan 22, 2012
Key "my hope is still strong!
by: Anonymous

Hang in there, just take one day at a time. Try not to dwell on bad past memories only good! You can't change him, but you can live with out him! It's not easy at 1st but gets easier each day! I promise! Start by loving yourself dear I'm sure a very caring and loving person! I can tell! God bless u with strength to get through this difficult time! If ....You hope is still strong focus in what's best 4 u!

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