Lots and lots of photos

by Jen
(A sunny today Northern Ireland)

Hi to everyone,

I came across all the photos Richard had put onto the computer the other day from the digital camera and was overwhelmed by it all.

So many wonderful photos.
I sent off and got 1300 of them developed and when they arrived it was amazing. It reinforces that when Richard died i lost my life, my future and my everything. We had it all with love the four of us share. Life is so precious and should not be taken for granted!!

We had a great family life and the kids, he and i made so many memories.
It's yet another time looking thro each and every one that i realise yet again what we are missing out on and all the future memories we never got the chance to make.

We certainly made the most of life, love and family and as we all do, i miss it so much.
This 'new' life is so sad without him and the kids miss him so much. We had so much left to do, to give and then our happy ever ending was so brutally taken from us.

As in previous posts i really miss us and the we!!
And the children have lost so much not having their dad around. They were so young when he died, only 12 and 14.

It is a totally rotten situation and the hardest job in the world to keep it going now as a single parent and trying to 'get it right' and as some of us know, teenage children were never sent to us to make it easy anyway.

Altho i am proud of us on how we have come so far and the way we have done it. Without this site i would never have managed as well as i have,

Love to you all from Northern Ireland,


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Jan 19, 2011
Bittersweet memories


My sister-in-law made a DVD of all our old VHS tapes. I am So very grateful that I now have something that will not be ruined by temperatures over wounding etc.

I have not found the courage yet to view them. Our wedding, Christmas's when the kids were so small. We met when his little girl was 2 or 3. My youngest at the time 3 or 4. Dating was a family event. We were the modern day Brady Bunch.
They are/were "our kids", all five of them.

I am also supposed to figure out what is on the box full of negatives and re-print them for the kids. This task should have been done by Christmas
However, they do not make the old school proof sheets as they used too. I cannot see the Thumbnail prints and honestly it just takes too much out of me emotionally looking at all those memories. I know that one day I will be strong enough to view our life, as it was and smile instead of sob. But Not yet...I am still fragile in the memory dept.

I am glad that it brought you much joy, as I hope it will for me one day...

Jan 19, 2011
by: PatJ

Hi Jen~
My best friend called me the other day so excited~ she bought a new program for her computer to download photos onto a DVD to music. She told me she made a DVD for her brother who just died a horrific death 8 months ago. She said it was very healing as she viewed the proof of what a beautiful life her brother had. She wants us to work on one for my children and toddler aged grandsons.

My children prepared 10 large boards of photos for my husband's funeral (just 7 weeks ago). My friend is pushing me to get started so I woke up very early (5:00 a.m. Chicago time) to get things moving. So many memories.........as I was removing the photos from the boards I noticed my daughter-in-law (who is an avid crafter) placed a little sign next to the last photo taken of Joe and I together that reads "So many years in one yesterday"......I got hysterical and had to come to my computer for some comfort.

I saw your post.

We all have so much in common with this horrible thing called grief. I'm praying that I will continue to make progress on this journey. I miss my husband so much. My children are young adults with very young children. One of the reasons I want to do the DVD is for my grandchildren to be able to view them and know what a wonderful grandpa they had and what a hugely rich life he lived. We have to preserve our memories.

Hugs and God's blessings to you and your children.

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