Love and Confusion

A little over 3 years ago, I met a man named Martin at a restaurant he frequented each morning where I stopped to deliver papers. He was tall, dark and handsome. Not to mention very charming. He told me he had been living with a woman several years and their relationship was over. He had 2 kids with her. He seemed scared that she would try to take the kids from him if he let her know he was already dating, so we chose to keep it quiet for the time.

We got along great for a time but soon his ex did find out and told me he had still been seeing her while he was with me. I felt that she was honest but he said she was just trying to cause problems, so I took his word for it and kept seeing him. Soon after that we were doing good (I thought) but then I stumbled on some info that he had called another woman that used to babysit for him and his ex. When I asked him about it he said yes but that he only called to check on her health since he had heard that she might lose her leg. He did admit though that he had tried to date her at one time in the past but with no avail. We moved on past this hurdle in trust only to be hit with another in months to come.

He had a renter that his children said seemed interested in him and that she had even said things to them about wanting to be their mother. When I asked him about it he seemed oblivious so I proceeded to talk to the renter about it. She denied the children's accusations and asked me if I needed her to move out so I told her that would be great since I did believe she was interested in him and had noticed a lot of flirty behavior towards him from her before.

She moved out and he stayed angry with me for several weeks after this. When I asked why he said it was a bad time to lose a renter financially. Since all this I have caught him lying over and over and even cheating. We tried to make it work but he gave it a small effort and went back to a lady I found out he got involved with during one of our breakups. I feel sick, betrayed, lost, moody, and nauseated. Why do I still care about someone who obviously doesn't feel the same for me?

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