Love and Peace to you and your Mum

by Veronica (Ron)
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Well, it is midnight on Christmas Eve, and, to all of you who have lost your Mum this year or last year or anytime before, I wish you a blessed Christmas.

I hope you will find peace for your weary soul and I hope we will all go forward in the New Year to come, strengthened by the knowledge that we WILL find them again someday. They were our mothers here on Earth and they are preparing a place for us where we can be together without the pain and the suffering which they had to endure, and which we endure here in this place without them.

Be strong, and remember that we are made of the same material as our mothers. Remember their strength and their hope in the face of adversity, and remember that they would be proud to know that we can face adversity with the same courage which they did, because we are made from them.

With love and peace to you and your Mum, wherever you are and wherever they may be tonight. From Veronica - Cape Town, South Africa.

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Jan 05, 2013
A special gift
by: Ron

Dear Heather

Thank you for taking the time to read my page.

I believe December is the absolute worst month of the year for personal tragedy, because our feelings are heightened by the expectation of happiness, love, and peace, the sense of comfort and belonging which we associate with family and, above all, with our childhood and our parents. No matter how far removed we are from them, we feel connected at Christmas-time.

I understand that this past Christmas was extremely hard for you and your family because of the sacrifices you had to make. At the same time, you will know better than anyone else that it was a sacrifice of the highest kind, a tribute of love and devotion to a parent who had suffered too much for too long. Perhaps this sounds odd, but, in a way, I believe that your Mum's release at this particular time of the year was a gift. If you can imagine that she is finally free from the pain which she carried all this time, and if you can imagine that her departure has freed you from the stress and the worry of her illness, then perhaps you will understand.

About your children.. do not worry too much about the fact that you had to leave them. Children are resilient and I am certain that this one Christmas without you will be lost in the joy of the Christmases to come. There will also come a day in their distant future when they will remember this Christmas with gratitude, because it is natural that they will find themselves in the same situation at some stage and I am certain they will understand that the sacrifice they had to make this past Christmas was a very noble one.

In my humble opinion, when you remember your Mum next Christmas, you should not be sad. Be happy for the gift of release.

Jan 04, 2013
Thank you
by: Heather

After long suffering, and bravely facing surgery that was intended to improve her quality of life, Mum died on Dec 19. I left my children at home with their father for Christmas. A hard, hard Christmas. Thank you for your words, and blessings to you as well.

Dec 26, 2012
Love and Peace to you and your Mum
by: Doreen U.K.

Veronica THANK YOU!! for your words of comfort and wisdom as we go through our grief.
This message does fill me with Courage and HOPE for the days ahead as we approach a New Year. May this be a good year for all of us. God Bless!!!

Dec 25, 2012
Nice words
by: Roxy

Dear Veronica,
Thanks for your nice words.
I found myself through the persons who lost the dearest person in their life ''Mother".
I should want to move forward but even my mother passed away 3 years ago it is very,very difficult to pass through the Christmas holidays ,or even each day without her.
All i have are good memories and the time spent together.
Anyway,I wish you and all other people in the same situation Merry Christmas, A Happy and Healthy New Year and last but not least it is nice to have friends even connected by a loss and a pain.

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