Lucy, my Regal Beagle

by Julie H.
(Baltimore area)

Lucy and the Mistle Toad

Lucy and the Mistle Toad

Today, May 17, 2010, I had my sweet girl Lucy, my 13 yr old Beagle, put to sleep. Last night I prayed that I would know when to take away her pain, and this morning, as I lay on the floor with her, a sense of calm came over me, and I knew that it would be today. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made but I know in my heart that it was the right thing to do.

About 2 yrs ago I found out that Lucy had kidney disease. She went on Azodyl, a drug that worked very well for her for quite some time. In Dec. 2009 on the day we were having an unusual for Baltimore, December snowstorm, we had to rush Lucy to the pet ER. She was severely dehydrated, had pancreatitis, and her kidneys had worsened. They kept her for 2 days, and when I brought her home I didn’t think she would live through December. But she improved, and then on Dec. 29 I broke my elbow and ended up being home with her for 6 wks. I think that was a gift because we had a lot of time together and I nursed her back to health. I had to give her a crude form of dialysis 3 times a week, and after awhile it was only necessary once a week. She was doing pretty well, all things considered, and I counted myself very lucky for each day she was with me.

I got Lucy in 1999 from an animal shelter. She saw me through the death of my husband in 1999 and my marriage in 2003 to my wonderful husband Dennis. She was such a good girl, traveling in the car, loved to sleep on our bed, and was always looking for a morsel of food. Although I’ve had 2 or 3 dogs in my life, she was the first one I considered to be mine first. I called her my Regal Beagle because in her younger years she was a beautiful girl, very slim and with the softest ears. She loved to have her chest scratched, even to the end.

Her health deteriorated in recent days and she wasn’t interested in eating, and wouldn’t take her medicine. She couldn’t keep food down and became increasingly listless. I knew she was hurting. To keep her going for myself would have been unfair, so I talked to my vet and she assured me that my decision was best for Lucy. I stayed with her through the shot, and for awhile afterwards. I told her how much we loved her and how much we would miss her. That I would always remember her. Rest in peace Lulu.

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May 18, 2010
Passing of another regal beagle
by: Anonymous

Oh, I loved your picture. I too lost my mixed breed beagle in March 2010. His name was Billy and we figure he was between 16 and 17. I know this because he was a stray and he showed up one day as I was in my first year of nursing school in 1994.

I have never loved a dog as much as him. He showed up in March of 94 on a cold evening in upstate NY. He was skinny. my husband said "don't feed him"...well when he took a shower...and I said pooh pooh to you and fed the skinny beagle some of my husband's sausage and then brought him in. That was it. He was awesome from the beginning, he traveled well, was house broken and liked cats and kids.

My husband said, I don't think it's time for us to have a dog. I said we are going to keep him. When I split from my husband for 2 years, he kept him, he wouldn't give him up. We got back together, the 3 of us.

I remember visiting my husband on Marthas Vineyard, and following my husbands car in my own vehicle and Billy turned his head and stared at me the whole way to the house, he was so happy to see me.

Well, we put Billy to sleep in April...I couldn't be in the room, My husband wept...and wept...I said, fine reaction for someone who said it is not time to get a dog...that was the standing joke, when he was loving on Billy I would say..maybe its not time to get a dog, and then we would laugh; he didn't want him 16 years ago, but he couldn't be separated from him in all those years. I miss him so...I loved him so much.

We had alot in common, we both LOVED food. Once we visited my mom and she made babka bread, a polish bread that rises, well we went out and he ate all the dough! I was scared, I called the vet, he said just watch him...he did fine, he had a cast iron stomach.

Billy was very social, he had a brown lab girlfriend at the auto repair shop next door. He would play for hours with her. On weekends he would sit at the end of the driveway and wait and look for her....we tried to tell him the auto repair shop was closed on weekends...but he sat there all day and pined for her.

My husband was working on a house beside a lake in upstate NY. He said he looked up, and there was Billy in someone's boat taking a ride on the lake with their dog, ears flapping in the breeze....I like to think that is where he is now, riding on a lake in a nice boat, ears flapping in the breeze...

Take care, love another beagle lover.

By the way, the guy who didn't want the beagle now rides with his collar around his rear view mirror in his truck.

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