by precious
(nfld canada)

On July 14th 2012 I lost the love of my life,he was healty and so full of life,he made me laugh a real comedian, didn't look anywhere near his 74yrs i like to think i kept him young. we went out for dinner left the restaurant to visit family took with pains in his back, rushed him to the hospital he had an anurisum whick broke, he didn't make it to the operating table. so my life ended that day, I just had to see him because i couldn't believe it, there is no way he would just leave me like that.we were always together, if he was washing the car i would sit out and watch him just to make sure he didn;t miss a spot,i used to say that car gets more attention then i do, and he would laugh.i miss him so much.our kids came home and the grandchildren, parts of the funeral i just cant remember. now everyone is gone back to their own lives. its just me and my memories, lot of good friends but i'm so lonely i cry going to bed and i cry when i wake up,waiting for him to make me coffee or look over and see him sleeping beside me.the first couple of weeks i was just going through the motions pains in my chest from wanting him back so bad and i have to realize hes not coming back. now i just want to be alone, where do i go from here and i know i'm not alone in my misery. i go to the cemetary everyday just to talk to him and ask why, we had such a good life, staying here in the summer and going to Toronto in the winter and then Myrtle beach for a month, dosen't take long for your life to change forever. I have my children and 4 grandchildren to think about I know they will help me. Part of me is dead right now and its going to take a long time if ever to get back to normal whatever normal is. I will miss you my darling every minute of everyday, i can still hear you saying !! good morning precious!!. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN MY LOVE.

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Jan 14, 2013
6 months today my world ended.
by: Anonymous

6 months today i lost the love of my life, and i feel just as bad now as the day he passed. It dosen't get any easier,I'm just going through the motions,no matter where you go you are always alone.we managed to get through the holidays it wasn't easy.and new years I was asleep by 11 oclock, so i didn't have to go through all the happy new year hurray.dosen't mean anything to me anymore.people ask are you getting use to being alone and i would like to say walk in my shoes and you will many people on here are in the same situation as me so i know i'm not alone,but its still so very very day i think i'm going to be ok and maybe the next day i just want to die.Is this normal or am i just going crazy.i just miss him so very much.

Nov 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

well it was 4 months on the 14th of this month and i feel worse now than when he passed, I don't want to see anyone or go anywhere, can't take crowds at all, i just feel so lonely and everyone is in couples feel like a third wheel, oh they tell you not to feel that way but what do they know they have their partners, and there will never be anyone else for me. He was my one and only i can't even think about seeing another man.I am visiting my children right now, but have a feeling after the holidays i might have to head back home, I feel closer to him back there maybe because thats where hes resting.I can visit his grave and talk to him and i feel close to him in the house, sometimes it feels like hes in the bedroom with me and it dosen't scare me. i'm so afraid i will forget what he looks like or forget how he sounds when he calls me his presious. and there are times when i think i'm losing my mind and it scares me, my son said mom please don't die i can't handle it.I have to stay strong but i don't know how to be strong anymore, we were very strong for each other, now its just me and i really can't do it alone, god help me through this sad time in my life.

Nov 11, 2012
by: Ruby

Well here i am again, It will be 4 months on the 14th since i lost my love, it is so very hard. I have no interest in anything, can't think about the holidays too painfull, would just like to get away from it all. I have my kids and grandchildren so can't leave just have to get through it.heading back to ontario to spend time with the kids maybe it will help keep me busy. 4 grandchildren should help me.i find no matter how many people are around i'm still lonely. still can't believe he's gone it just blows my mind how we can be so very happy and in a matter of hours hes gone and my life just ended going on without him is just not possible.not getting over him anytime soon. until we meet again my love, you are always with me in my heart.

Sep 28, 2012
May god you strength
by: Anonymous

Thought it will take long time to come out from this,sure God give you strength to come out from this. Though people left this world,forever they stay in our hearts. Your grandchildren are your moral support. If they come here and you go there sure will give you lot of changes. We will pray for you that soon you come out from this,

Sep 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your comments, I went on one time as well and its not silly right now i will take all the help i can get. I feel like i'm going crazy all i do is cry, and i know some day it will get better.he passed in july and our anniversary was in aug he missed that now he will miss my birthday as well life is not fair.this feels like a roller coaster ride when does it are right the kids will help us through this. my man didn;t like shopping either he would sit and have coffee watch the ladies as well, i would say look but no touch.i will miss all the good times, but we will be together again, i have to believe nice talking to you. take care

Sep 27, 2012
by: silver

I know how you feel.The love of my life left me 16 months ago. I often told him he was my soul mate-that we were meant to be together. I never thought I would become a widow before I turned 62.I was going to retire so we could visit places together. He had emphysema,got pneumonia,and it went septic.His kidneys failed and then his heart began to fail.All this in 5 days.We went out to eat on our anniversary and two days later he was in ICU on a respirator.Some days I can hardly get out of bed. Like you said though,I have 10 grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.They and my kids are what I live for.I have great faith that one day we will meet again,run to each other and hold each other again. I have to believe this.I am finally getting to the point that I can do some of the things I need to do but it is so hard.I wrote on here one time that my love is still gone.I know how silly that sounds but it's a hard thing to force myself to remember. Like you I expect to see him in our bed when I go there and he's not. It's hard to go to the store and know that when I get home he won't be there.Like yours,my husband had a quirky sense of humor.He hated shopping and would wait outside for me saying he'd just watch the women go by.I'd give him a look and he'd just show me that look of love that let me know he didn't really see any of them but me.I miss him terribly as I know you do Mack. GOD bless you and give you strength

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